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"When talented and diverse groups function together they produce rich and creative ideas. Yet, the same process can also result in conflict and tension. It is our belief that conflict is a necessary and useful part of life when handled productively.

The United Nations Ombudsman and Mediation Services, works to intervene in the intersection where creativity meets conflict and helps to channel these conflicts into productive solutions. We do this through conflict coaching, by giving feedback to UN offices, by using shuttle diplomacy, mediation and other tools of informal dispute resolution. We also seek to track the root causes to these difficulties and propose changes to minimize them in the future and to create a more harmonious workplace at the UN.

Our team of dedicated professionals works around the world to help further the mission of the United Nations and help those who work for the organization find productive resolutions. If you're facing a challenge at your workplace, give us a call. We're fully confidential and will do whatever we can to get you back on track."

Johnston Barkat
Assistant Secretary-General,
United Nations Ombudsman & Mediation Services.

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