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News 2006

15 December  2006 Marking human solidarity day, UN officials stress collective responsibility to help poor
7 December  2006 Greater cooperation stressed at UN conference on enhancing security at major events
27 November  2006 Stressing partnerships, Annan says prospects for attaining development goals are mixed
21 November  2006 UN hosts conference aimed at using information technology to boost development
20 November  2006 General Assembly President hails resolution strengthening Economic and Social Council
3 November  2006 Afghanistan: UN-backed panel voices alarm at surge in opium cultivation
27 October  2006 Heads of the six main bodies of the UN meet to discuss reform, Lebanon, other issues
11 October  2006 Secretary-General launches Peacebuilding Fund to kick-start efforts to rebuild after conflict
26 September  2006 European nations discuss environment, conflict resolution and development in UN debate
22 September  2006 UN reform remains work in progress, says Annan, urging Group of 77 to keep up the job
20 September  2006 African leaders voice frustration at trade inequalities and aid curse during UN debate
28 July  2006 Development dominates UN Economic and Social Council work as session winds down
20 July  2006 Developing countries should take charge of their economic growth UN report
19 July  2006 UN Economic and Social Council aims to strengthen relief aid coordination
12 July  2006 UN agencies report improved cooperation thanks to reform efforts
11 July  2006 Official development aid grows, but not enough to meet goals: UN report
11 July  2006 UN Economic and Social Council asked to guide information technology issues
10 July  2006 Strong growth trend for developing countries threatened by volatilities: UN report
10 July  2006 Bird flu will remain a threat for years to come, experts warn at UN special meeting
7 July  2006 Senior UN economic official says policy coherence at all levels needed for development
5 July  2006 Full employment key to sustainable development, ministers declare at UN meeting
5 July  2006 Coordinated global macroeconomic policies needed for world trade: senior UN official
3 July  2006 Progress timely on some development goals, but lags on others UN report
3 July  2006 Calling for sharpened focus on the poor, UN officials open development council
2 July  2006 Economic and Social Council to focus on global job crisis at upcoming session
26 May  2006 UN Forum urges inclusion of indigenous peoples concerns in global anti-poverty goals
25 May  2006 UN Forum on indigenous issues looks to new Human Rights Council
24 April  2006 Annan calls for rich country concessions to break trade deadlock
7 April  2006 Youth unemployment a ticking bomb for security in West Africa: UN study
28 March  2006 Experts open UN session to encourage more accurate use of place names
27 March  2006 General Assembly President takes stock of UN reform progress
23 March  2006 Replaced by stronger body, UN rights commission formally told to close shop
20 March  2006 UN rights commission again suspends work after approval of new Council
20 February  2006 Annan, Assembly head expect progress on rights council, other reform this week
17 January  2006 Tunisian diplomat elected to lead UN Economic and Social Council in 2006
13 January  2006 UN reform activities continue to gain momentum in new year