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News 2005

22 December  2005 General Assembly chief hopes budget talks will be resolved tomorrow
20 December  2005 UN establishes new body to prevent countries from sliding back into war
17 November  2005 General Assembly President outlines progress on UN World Summit issues
3 November  2005 UN officials detail priorities for combating potentially deadly bird flu pandemic
27 October  2005 World is ignoring hunger, WFP Chief says
17 October  2005 Assembly elects 18 members to serve on UN Economic and Social Council
15 September  2005 UN humanitarian chief says initial pledges for proposed fund total $150 million
14 September  2005 World Summit devotes special session to financing for development
26 July  2005 Economic and Social Council acts on wide range of human rights texts
25 July  2005 UN tsunami relief envoy Clinton renews call for effective warning system
20 July  2005 Vigorous global attention can lift poorest countries out of poverty UN envoy
19 July  2005 UN ad hoc Advisory Groups on post-conflict countries urge continued global cooperation
14 July  2005 UN studies moving countries from relief to development after war and natural disasters
14 July  2005 Countries retaining death penalty fail to give details of executions, UN says
14 July  2005 Tsunami envoy Clinton urges UN to keep up momentum on relief effort
14 July  2005 In Afghanistan, UN expert on violence against women meets with female prisoners
13 July  2005 National ownership key to successful transition from relief to development UN
13 July  2005 Relief assets can be more efficiently used if coordinated by the UN Annan
12 July  2005 UN convening power can help bolster development initiatives
12 July  2005 UN panel requests aid to move Burundi from relief to development
8 July  2005 Operational reforms must ensure country-level results UN agencies
8 July  2005 UN agencies call for more emphasis on aid for agriculture and rural development
7 July  2005 UN task force calls for more political will to bridge 'digital divide'
7 July  2005 Afghan government invites UN expert on violence against women to visit
6 July  2005 Regional groups offer mixed picture of progress towards development goals
3 July  2005 Agreed themes, but no common statement, emerge from Economic and Social Council ministerial session
30 June  2005 Finnish President calls for fair globalization as UN development meeting continues
29 June  2005 Global community must exceed current trade and aid pledges, GA president says
29 June  2005 As UN development council opens session, Annan says growth not enough
28 June  2005 Global leaders and experts to open annual meeting of UN development council
21 June  2005 September 2005 summit offers 'once-in-a generation' chance for UN reform Annan
17 June  2005 UN panel recommends policies for next years elected Haitian government
20 May  2005 Annan requests extension and expansion of UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti
13 May  2005 Legitimate elected government is Haiti's most vital necessity, Security Council told
27 April  2005 ECOSOC fills vacancies on subsidiary bodies, including human rights panel
25 April  2005 Despite shocks, Asia-Pacific economy is fastest-growing in the world, UN says
25 April  2005 UN forum ends with agreement on measures to provide clean water, basic sanitation and housing
18 April  2005 2005 offers unique opportunity to tackle poverty, security, human rights Annan
18 April  2005 Ending visit, Security Council praises UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti
15 April  2005 Finance ministers and development experts to convene at UN
15 April  2005 Global effort needed to curb illicit web trade in pharmaceuticals, UN experts told
13 April  2005 Two UN groups converge on Haiti to help with socio-economic development
7 April  2005 Without reform of human rights body, UN credibility at stake, Annan says
6 April  2005 Security Council to make supporting and assessment visit next week to Haiti
16 March  2005 High-level UN delegates meet on implementation of conference socio-economic goals
11 March  2005 Reviewing Beijing documents on womens rights, UN commission calls for more action
11 March  2005 Judicial reform needed for women in post-conflict areas, UN report says
9 March  2005 Security Council urges Haiti to devise beneficial projects, free unindicted prisoners
28 February  2005 Women's situation has improved, but serious challenges remain, UN officials say
18 February  2005 UN commission to urge governments to use censuses as development tool
15 February  2005 Palestinian women experience major poverty induced by loss of spouses, UN says
14 February  2005 Observance of Afghan women's rights improves, but backlash always threatens UN
11 February  2005 UN social development panel approves text linking pledges of 1995 to goals for 2015
8 February  2005 High-level meeting to assess progress since 1995 UN social summit
12 January  2005 Security Council plans trip to Haiti by end of May