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News 2008

23 October  2008 Top UN officials issue call for urgent action to help worlds hungry
22 October  2008 General Assembly selects 18 members of Economic and Social Council
1 October  2008 Assembly President calls for power shift at UN
29 September  2008 UN more necessary than ever, General Assembly hears during high-level debate
27 September  2008 Indonesia calls for Muslim representation on Security Council
26 September  2008 Vanuatu asks UN to review criteria for least developed country status
25 July  2008 Economic and Social Council wraps up historic month-long session
10 July  2008 Migiro outlines how UN can better assist countries meet development goals
1 July  2008 Cooperation key to overcoming development hurdles, says ECOSOC president
1 July  2008 UN report advocates policy shift to address global economic insecurity
30 June  2008 UN development agenda has reached critical juncture, Ban says
30 June  2008 Cost of curbing climate change not as high as assumed, says UN official
27 June  2008 UN Economic and Social Council to focus on aid effectiveness, world economy
23 May  2008 Ban Ki-moon hails $500 million offer by Saudi Arabia to deal with food crisis
20 May  2008 Boosting agricultural production vital to solving food crisis, ECOSOC chief says
16 May  2008 UN sustainable development forum ends with call for more investment in research
14 May  2008 Secretary-General Ban calls for reinvigoration of agriculture
13 May  2008 Water and sanitation vital to achieving other development goals, UN official says
5 May  2008 Indigenous peoples have crucial role in climate change debate UN forum
2 May  2008 Climate change could imperil poverty goals, ECOSOC hears
1 May  2008 Indigenous peoples most affected by climate change, Assembly President says
24 April  2008 Mayors gather at UN to discuss practical steps for dealing with urban problems
21 April  2008 Thousands gather as annual indigenous forum kicks off at UN Headquarters
16 April  2008 UN Economic and Social Council to hold meeting on emerging food crisis
14 April  2008 Ban Ki-moon urges immediate and long-term steps to fight escalating food crisis
12 March  2008 Inaugural Development Cooperation Forum can play vital role, says ECOSOC
5 March  2008 Barbados advocate, New York-based NGO win 2008 UN population award
25 February  2008 Migiro stresses role of philanthropy in achieving global development goals
6 February  2008 Decent work key to poverty reduction, social integration Migiro
21 January  2008 UN will strive to strengthen its development agenda, pledges Migiro
17 January  2008 Migiro appeals for international cooperation on explosive issue of migration
14 January  2008 Haitian diplomat elected to lead UN Economic and Social Council in 2008
11 January  2008 Development not a privilege but a right for all, says Ban Ki-moon