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The heading and sub-headings which appear in the DOCUMENTS AND PUBLICATIONS section of the United Nations Documents Index. This heading represents hierarchical elements within UN main bodies and sessional information on the document.

Authorized text of the headings with or without sessional information.

$a - hierarchical elements within UN main bodies
$b - text supplying the numbers, days, months, years and place of a session, in standardized form as established by the agency.
Do not abbreviate months.

Before conversion to Horizon, all sessional information was contained in one Series Symbol record related to the issuing body. After the conversion, a new record is created for each session.

The sessional record contains the following fields only:
000, 008, 035, 040, 190, 905, 975 and 976.


190 $b A/AC.271/
975 $a General Assembly. Global Marine Assessment International Workshop

190 $b ST/ESA/
975 $a Secretariat. Department of Economic and Social Affairs

190 $b A/AC.265/ $c 2004
975 $a General Assembly. Ad Hoc Committee on Comprehensive and Integral Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities $b New York, 24 May - 4 June 2004.
[dates in subfield $b are separated by 'space' when there are 2 months involved]

190 $b A/AC.264/ $c 2004
975 $a General Assembly. Ad Hoc Committee on the Scope of Legal Protection under the Convention on the Safety of United Nations and Associated Personnel $b New York, 12-16 April 2004.
[there are no spaces between dates when that dates are during the same month]

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