Africa Books

From Africa Renewal: 

Women and Collective Action in Africa by Filomina Steady (Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, UK, 2005; 224 pp; pb $24.95, hb $75)

African Union: Pan-African Analytical Foundations by Kofi Kissi Dompere (Adonis and Abbey Publishers Ltd., London, UK, 2006; 272 pp; pb £29.95, $35)

L’Afrique de l’Ouest, entre espace, pouvoir et société: Une géographie de l’incertitude by John O. Igue (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 650 pp; €34)

Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century by Jeffry A. Frieden (W.W. Norton, New York, USA, 2006: 448 pp; hb $29.95)

Contending Political Paradigms in Africa: Rationality and the Politics of Democratization in Kenya and Zambia by Shadrack Nasong’o (Routledge, Oxford, UK, 2005; 224 pp; hb $80, £45)

Trial Justice: The International Criminal Court and the Lord’s Resistance Army by Tim Allen (Zed Books, London, UK, 2006; 230 pp; hb £36.99, pb £12.95)

Les conquêtes de la médecine moderne en Afrique, ed. Jean-Paul Bado (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 176 pp; €22)

Le défi social du développement: globalisation et inégalités, ed. Christian Comeliau (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 240 pp; €23)

Voices of African Women: Women’s Rights in Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania, ed. Johanna Bond (Carolina Academic Press, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 2005; 456 pp; pb $45)

Emerging Capital Markets in Turmoil: Bad Luck or Bad Policy? by Guillermo A. Calvo (MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 2006; 547 pp; hb $45)

Uniting Africa: Building Regional Peace and Security Systems by David J. Francis (Ashgate Publishers, UK, 2006; 296 pp; pb £25)

Ethique et développement durable by Yvan Droz and Jean-Claude Lavigne (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 176 pp; €18)

International Migration: Globalization’s Last Frontier by Jonathon W. Moses (Zed Books, London, UK, 2006; 288 pp; hb $55, pb $17.95)

Diasporas Within and Without Africa: Dynamism, Heterogeneity, Variation, eds. Leif Manger and Assal Munzoul (Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, Sweden, 2006; 240 pp; pb SEK290, $35)

Insiders and Outsiders: Citizenship and Xenophobia in Contemporary Southern Africa by Francis B. Nyamnjoh (Zed Books, London, UK, 2006; 288 pp; hb $85, pb $29.95)

De la philosophie et des philosophes en Afrique noire by Mamoussé Diagne (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 120 pp; €15)

The Politics of Land Reform in Africa: From Communal Tenure to Free Markets by Ambreena Manji (Zed Books, London, UK, 2006; 224 pp; hb £50, pb £14.99)

A Tale of Two Africas: Nigeria and South Africa as Contrasting Visions, eds. Ali A. Mazrui and James Karioki (Adonis and Abbey Publishers Ltd., London, UK, 2006; 360 pp; £25, $39.95)

L’épidémie du sida en Afrique subsaharienne: Regards historiens, eds. Philippe Denis and Charles Becker (Karthala, Paris, France, 2006; 440 pp; €29)

Putting Development First: The Importance of Policy Space in the WTO and International Financial Institutions ed. Kevin P. Gallagher (Zed Books, London, UK, 2005; hb £65, pb £18.95)

Don’t Let Them Die: HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and the Healthcare Crisis in Africa by Chinua Akukwe (Adonis and Abbey Publishers Ltd. UK, 2006; 180 pp; pb £18.99)

Empire with Imperialism: The Globalizing Dynamics of Neoliberal Capitalism by James Petras, Henry Veltmeyer, Luciano Vasapollo and Mauro Casadio (Zed Books, London, UK, 2006; 224 pp; hb $75, pb $25)

Reimagining Growth: Towards a Renewal of Development Theory, eds. Silvana De Paula and Gary A. Dymski (Zed Books, London, UK, 2006; 320 pp; hb £70, pb £19.95)

Somalia: Diaspora and State Reconstitution in the Horn of Africa, eds. A. Osman Farah, Mammo Muchie and Joakim Gundel (Adonis and Abbey Publishers Ltd., London, UK, 2006; 350 pp; pb £23.50, $31.50)