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      In the voting records of the General Assembly resolutions adopted with vote and Security Council resolutions, tag 996 is used to record the number of «Yes» and «No» votes and abstentions on a particular resolution.

      This tag is not used for General Assembly resolutions adopted without vote .

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          $a - voting summary note
          $b - «yeas» votes
          $c - «nays» votes
          $d - abstentions
          $e - non-voting
          $f - total members

        The workform of the Security Council voting record (Vote-S) is defaulted to the «Yes» vote. It should be changed according to the actual vote on the resolution.


        996 $b 14 $c 000 $d 000 $e 001 $f 15
        [Voting on Security Council resolution S/RES/1483(2003)]

        996 $b 13 $c 000 $d 002 $e 000 $f 15
        [Voting on Security Council resolution S/RES/1454(2002)]

        996 $b 000 $c 000 $d 002 $e 000 $f 15
        [Voting on Security Council resolution S/RES/1248(1999) - adopted without vote]

        The votes for resolutions adopted by the General Assembly are imported to Horizon from the voting machines.


        996 $b 167 $c 1 $d 8 $e 15 $f 191
        [Voting on General Assembly resolution A/RES/58/91]

        How to import votes on General Assembly resolutions adopted with vote from the voting machine

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        The voting information is stored in «V:\GA\vote\» . The voting information on the latest resolution is usually in the last text file with a numeric name.
        For example: «VOTE_0620.txt» contains voting information on General Assembly resolution 58/245.

        To import the votes:

        1. Copy the latest vote file from V:\GA\vote\ to c:\voterec. Note the vote file number 0620 to use it in the next step.

        2. Open MS-DOS and change directory to «voterec»:

        3. Type «prevote» «space» and the number of the vote file
        (See step 1)

        And wait for a normal termination of the process.

        4. After the normal termination change directory to «voteprep» and write down the record ID (the voting record ID number which is picked up by the system from the s:\adhoc\recordid\voterec.txt (see tag 035)). For example, V0009836.

        5. Exit MS-DOS.

        6. In Horizon - cataloguing module:

        1. Choose File from the navigation bar and then Import and input the following information:
          • Import File - c:\voterec\vote.iso
          • Import Source - catadd
        2. Click OK
        7. In Horizon - Votepac Search:
        Search by record ID that was written down during the voteprep process in MS-DOS, e.g. V0009836 (See step 4). Open the voting record.
        • Correct the title in tag 245.
        • Add tag 269.
        • Add tag 791.
        • Add remaining of meeting document symbol (A/../PV.) to tag 952.
        • Change tag 991.
        • Add tag 999.

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