This tag is used in voting records only.
Indicates the document symbol of the verbatim of the meeting at which the resolution was adopted.

In voting records for General Assembly resolutions adopted with vote, tag 952 is machine-generated, the complete symbol should be imput manually (A/../PV.). 


245 1 0 $a Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People : $b resolution / $c adopted by the General Assembly
952 $a A/57/PV.66
[A/RES/57/107 was adopted at the 66th plenary meeting]

245 1 0 $a Economic and other activities which affect the interests of the peoples of the Non-Self-Governing Territories : $b resolution / $c adopted by the General Assembly
952 $a A/58/PV.72
[A/RES/58/103 was adopted at the 72nd plenary meeting]

In voting records for Security Council resolutions and General Assembly resolutions adopted without vote the document symbol of the verbatim record of the meeting should be input manually:


245 1 0 $a Security Council resolution 1530 (2004) [on the bomb attacks in Madrid, Spain, on 11 Mar. 2004]
952 $a S/PV.4923
[S/RES/1530 (2004) was adopted at the 4923rd meeting]

245 1 0 $a Assistance for humanitarian relief, rehabilitation and development for Timor-Leste : $b resolution / $c adopted by the General Assembly
952 $a A/57/PV.57
[A/RES/57/105 was adopted at the 57th plenary meeting]

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