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20 December 2002
Security Council meeting: Wrap-up discussion on the work of the Security Council
[Webcast: Archived Video]
12 December 2002
Press conference: On the occasion of the launch of the International Year of Freshwater 2003
[Webcast: Archived Video  - 25min]
12 December 2002
The Challenges of Freshwater: A Dialogue
International Year of Freshwater

[Webcast: Archived Video  - 1h58min]
11 December 2002 United Nations World Chronicle: With guest, H. E. Mr. Tommy Koh, Ambassador-at-Large of the Republic of Singapore.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 28min]
11 December 2002
Press conference: Mr. Ted Turner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UN Foundation, and Mr. Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation - on the partnership between the United Nations and the UN Foundation.
[Webcast: Archived Video  - 26min]
10 December 2002
Stakeout: Comments by United Nations Secretary-General, H. E. Kofi Annan, and Dr. Hans Blix, regarding weapons inspections in Iraq.  
[Webcast: Archived Video - 7min]
6 December 2002
Student Conference on Human Rights

[Webcast: Archived Video - Afternoon Session - 2h12min]
29 November 2002
Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. UN Calendar Information
26 November 2002
Town-Hall meeting: In observance of the World AIDS Day, "Live and Let Live, Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination"
[World AIDS Day Website]Special appearance by Whoopi Goldberg
[Webcast: Archived Video - 1h52min]
26 November 2002
General Assembly: Social development, including questions relating to the world social situation and to youth, ageing, disabled persons and the family (Item 98): outcome of the International Year of Volunteers and its follow-up.
List of Speakers [International Year of Volunteers Website]
25 November 2002
Security Council Stakeout: Comments of Dr. Hans Blix regarding weapons inspections in Iraq.
Webcast: Archived Video - 11min]
15 November 2002

Press Conference: Dr. Hans Blix, Executive Chairman, UN Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC).
[Webcast: Archived Video - 29min]

14 November 2002 United Nations World Chronicle: With guest, Carloyn Hannan, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).
[Webcast: Archived Video - 28min]
13 November 2002
Secretary-General's comments on Iraq at UN stakeout.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 4min]
8 November 2002
Security Council meeting on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait.

[Statements to Media - 25min]
Draft Text of Resolution 1441
Secretary-General's Statement [text]
List of Speakers
[Webcast: Archived Video - 48min]
8 November 2002 United Nations World Chronicle: With guest, Asma Jahangir, UN Commission on Human Rights (UNHCR).
[Webcast: Archived Video - 28min]
6 November 2002
Security Council: Consultations on Iraq - Statements.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 17min]
6 November 2002
Secretary-General's Lecture Series: "Genetically Modified Crops for Developing Countries: Technological Frontiers and Policy Debates"
[Webcast: Archived Video - 1h12min]
6 November 2002 United Nations World Chronicle: With guest, Peter Hansen, Commissioner-General of UNRWA.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 28min]
5 November 2002 United Nations World Chronicle: With guest, Pascal Lamy, European Union Trade Commissioner.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 28min]
31 October 2002
"Trick or treat for UNICEF" campaign - special appearance by Spiderman.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 45min]
30 October 2002
General Assembly Meeting - Strengthening of the United Nations System: Report of the Secretary-General.
[List of speakers]
[Webcast: Archived Video - Secretary-General's report - 8min]
29 October 2002
High Level Seminar on "Past, Present and Future Challenges in Peacekeeping"
Secretary-General Kofi Annan, current and all former Under-Secretary-Generals for Peacekeeping Operations to attend.
[Webcast: Archived Video - morning session - 1h39min]
[Webcast: Part 1 Part 2 - afternoon session - 1h16min]
28-29 October 2002
Security Council Meeting - Women, Peace and Security - Report of the Secretary-General.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 28/10 session - 2h49min]
28 October 2002 World Chronicle: Bosnia: Mission Accomplished? Guest, Mr. Jacques Klein, the Secretary-General's Special Representative and Coordinator of UN Operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 27min]
22 October 2002

Security Council Meeting - Strengthening cooperation between the United Nations system and the Central African region in the maintenance of peace and security.
[Webcast: Archived Video - morning session - 2h38min]
[Speakers List]

21 October 2002

Security Council Meeting - International Court of Justice: Election of five members.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 1h16min]

16-17 October 2002

Security Council Meeting - The situation between Iraq and Kuwait.

[Webcast: Archived Video - afternoon session 16/10 - 2h54min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - morning session 17/10 - 2h59min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - afternoon session 17/10 - 4h03min]
[Speakers List: 1] [Speakers List: 2]

2 October 2002

“Sustainable Development: Lessons Learned from the Past Year”
Address by: Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate, Economics and Finance, Columbia University
[Webcast: Archived Video - 1h31min]

23-24 September 2002

“End the Occupation!”
United Nations International Conference of Civil Society in Support of the Palestinian People. Programme

[Webcast: Archived Video - Opening session - 1h19min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - Plenary I part 1 - 43min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - Plenary I part 2 - 42min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - Plenary II part 1 - 1h34min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - Plenary II part 2 - 1h06min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - Plenary III - 2h50min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - Plenary IV - 2h20min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - Closing Remarks - 36min]

23 September 2002

Press conference: H.E. Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations will present his report on UN reform.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 26min]

12-15, 17- 20 September 2002

General Debate - 57th Session of the General Assembly
[Webcast: Archived Video]

20 September 2002

International Day of Peace. Opening Ceremony
[Webcast: Archived Video - 11min]

17 September 2002

Press Conference: The Quartet Principles
H.E. Mr. Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary-General
H.E. Mr. Igor S. Ivanov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
H.E. Mr. Colin Powell, Secretary of State of the United States of America
H.E. Mr. Per Stig Moeller, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, representing the European Union Presidency

[Webcast: Archived Video - 35min]

16 September 2002

High-level plenary meeting of the General Assembly to consider how to Support the New Partnership for Africa's Development
[Webcast: Archived Video - morning session - 3h51min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - morning session - 26min]
[Webcast: Archived Video - afternoon session - 4h23min]

11 September 2002

September 11 - A Ceremony of Remembrance.
Programme of Events

[Webcast: Archived Video - 52min]

9 September 2002

55th Annual DPI/NGO Conference. Opening session.
[Webcast: Archived Video - 1h37min]

26 August - 4 September 2002 (9:00 am local time): World Summit on Sustainable Development- Johannesburg, South Africa
Coverage of the session - Live Webcast - WSSD Website - Statements
[Webcast: Archived Video ]
17 July 2002 Panel discussion: 10th anniversary of humanitarian coordination by the UN
[Programme][Biographies of Speakers]
1 July 2002 ECOSOC 2002 High Level Segment
[Official Website] [Press Release]
27 June 2002 UN Secretary-General at the G-8 Summit, Kananaskis, Canada. Release of Africa Action Plan - Press Conference.
[SG's letter to the G-8] [Press Release]
[Webcast: Audio archived-39min ]

18 June 2002


Meeting of Goodwill Ambassadors and Messengers of Peace
[Webcast: Archived Video-Opening 18June 2002/1h24min]
[Webcast: Archived Video-Closure 19June 2002/28min]

17 June 2002

Meeting of the General Assembly devoted to information and communication technologies for development.
[Press Release][List of Speakers 1 and 2][Media Advisory] UNICT Task Force Webpage
24 May 2002 New Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues historic first meeting (13 - 24 May 2002) 
16 May 2002 Public Service Announcement on East Timor Independence
[Webcast: Archived Video - 3min]
13 May 2002

New Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues:
Historic first meeting (13-24 May 2002)
Statement by the Deputy Secretary-General

8-10 May 2002 General Assembly: 27th Special Session on Children
( 8-10 May 2002 )
[Webcast: Archived Video]
Coverage of the Session - Statements - Live Webcast - UNICEF Website
7 May 2002 Panel: Reclaiming our Children: The UN Responds to the Situation of the Child Soldier: Participants will include the the UN Secretary-General, government and NGO delegates to the GA Special Session on Children, youth delegates and media.
[Webcast: Archived Video 1h22min]
7 May 2002

General Assembly: Tenth Emergency Special Session: Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory: draft resolution (A/ES-10/L.9
[Webcast: Archived Video] (morning session/ 2h19min)
[Webcast: Archived Video] (afternoon session/ 2h50)
List of Speakers

2 May 2002 World Press Freedom Day: Covering the War on Global Terror. Programme of Events
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