In March, a new version of the United Nations Editorial Manual was incorporated into the recently updated Department for General Assembly and Conference Management website

The Editorial Manual serves as an authoritative statement in English of the style to be followed in drafting, editing, and reproducing United Nations documents, publications, and other written material. 

The Editorial Manual is intended to provide editorial guidance throughout the Secretariat and is updated frequently to reflect the ever-evolving nature of language and changes in practice at the United Nations.

It is regularly used as a reference guide around the world, not only by colleagues in the United Nations system but also by users from academia and professional language associations, among others.

It includes:

Originally published in hard-copy format in 1983, the online version of the Editorial Manual was created in 2004. The new version of the Editorial Manual is built on the Drupal content management system and is aligned with the accessibility and branding requirements of the Organization.

The Editorial Manual is the cornerstone of the work of editors in ensuring that written material is clear, accurate, logically presented, consistent and translatable.

This is important because the quality of the Organization’s documents and publications plays a key role in maintaining its reputation for serious, impartial, transparent, and accurate reporting, and in winning respect and support for its work.

United Nations editors stand ready to work with submitting officers to ensure the high quality and technical accuracy of the final product. Editors also provide editorial and language-related guidance to authors during the drafting process. Feel free to contact us