Opening Session



Monday, 30 May  –  10:00 – 12:00

Speakers (in order of appearance)

Ms. Cristina Gallach, United Nations Under-Secretary-General of Communications and Public Information

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General

H.E. Mr. Kyo-ahn Hwang, Prime Minister, Republic of Korea

Mr. Soon-Heung Chang, President of Handong Global University,  Co-Chair of Conference National Organizing Committee of Korea

Mr. Il-Ha Yi, President of National Council of Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) Korea; Co-Chair of Conference National Organizing Committee of Korea

Dr. Yukang Choi, Co-Chair of the 66th DPI NGO Conference; CEO Dream Touch for All

Dr. Scott Carlin, Co-Chair of the 66th DPI NGO Conference; Associate Professor of Geography at Long Island University

Ms. Rasheda Choudhury, Vice President, Global Campaign for Education and Executive Director of Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) Bangladesh

Mr. Kwan-Yong Kim, Governor of North Gyeongsang Province

Mr. Yang-Sik Choi, Mayor of Gyeongju

Ms. Shamshad Akhtar, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

Mr. Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Bangkok

Ms. Ta’Kaiya Blaney, Youth Ambassador, Representing Native Children’s Survival

Ms. Na-Young Park, Youth Representative, Dream Touch for All

Mr. Young-Gil Kim, Co-President United Nations Academic Impact Korea

Ms. Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Coordinator of the Associationn for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad

Mr. Bruce Knotts, Chair, NGO/DPI Executive Committee; Representative to the United Nations of Unitarian Universalist Association



Heart to Heart Foundation Orchestra

Mr. Seung-Chul Lee

Hye-Jin Park