Legendary Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan and his son, Paris Brosnan, a filmmaker and environmental activist, have joined forces with the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions to draw attention to the need for plastic waste management.

In the video, the Brosnans remark on the almost infinite life cycle of plastic, which typically takes hundreds of years to disintegrate, breaking down into microparticles that have been detected in the air, water, and even in human placentas.

Their video is part of the “Plastic is forever…so it’s time to get clever about managing it!” campaign.

“Our campaign slogan was born out of the need to show that not all is bleak when it comes to global environmental governance,” said Rolph Payet, Executive Secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions.

“We want to raise awareness of the work put in place by the international community, and the tangible results we are achieving while trying to tackle the plastic waste crisis,” said Mr. Payet.

The Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat (BRS Conventions) are three multilateral environmental agreements administered by the United Nations Environment Programme focused on protecting people and the environment from hazardous chemicals and wastes.

The Basel Convention is the only international treaty that legally binds 189 countries in implementing strict controls for the transboundary movement of plastics.

The Basel Convention Plastic Waste Amendments are steppingstones toward forging an international legally binding agreement to end plastic pollution.

The Brosnans are not the only celebrities participating in the Plastic is Forever campaign. Tennis player Dominic Thiem has issued a video with a similar call.

The release of the Plastic is Forever promotional videos coincided with the conclusion of the 2022 BRS Conferences of Parties. The campaign also includes a photo competition, a hackathon, a social media challenge (plastic in the sea and plastic on mountains), and an illuminations show that took place in the Palais des Nations during the conference.