Released: February 2012

Country: United States

Executive Producers: Rob Bagshaw, Tara Boneillo


In Project Runway‘s first All Stars series, 13 designers from seasons 1-8 of the original Project Runway series competed in weekly elimination challenges until only one was left standing. Contestants were challenged to design and create fashion within restricted parameters of time, material, and theme. In the eighth episode of the series, United Nations Headquarters served as the backdrop for a challenge where the six remaining designers were given the task of creating an outfit inspired by member states’ flags. The episode aired on Lifetime Network and was seen by approximately 2 million viewers.

CCOI’s Role:

CCOI facilitated on-location filming at UN Headquarters in New York and coordinated the related legal and logistical arrangements.

UN Locations:

Lawn on east side of 1st Avenue, in front of United Nations Headquarters.

Related UN Issues: