Released: October 2014

Country: United States

Executive Producers: Andrew Jameson, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Jamie Oliver 


Dream School is a reality television series on the Sundance Channel that features fifteen high school dropouts taught by celebrity teachers such as actor David Arquette, conservationist Jeff Corwin and civil rights activist Jesse Jackson. The teachers’ role is to inspire the students and provide them a second chance to overcome their challenges. The show is an adaptation of the British television show, Jamie’s Dream School, created by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. For the episode filmed at the UN, a Columbia University history professor talked about the historical context of the establishment of the UN.

CCOI’s Role:

CCOI facilitated on-location filming at UN Headquarters in New York and coordinated the related legal and logistical arrangements.

UN Locations:

Trusteeship Council Chamber

Related UN Issues:

History of the establishment of the UN

Nuclear disarmament