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   Voluntary Commitments by Countries / Indicators for Consumption and Production Patterns

The main activity under this work element is the development of a core set of indicators for monitoring changing consumption and production patterns.   Consultations were organized with experts on consumption and production patterns from a wide variety of countries and organisations, and a Workshop on Indicators for Changing Consumption and Production Patterns was organised in New York on 2-3 March 1998.

The report based on the Workshop Measuring Changes in Consumption and Production Patterns, includes a provisional core set of 17 indicators for measuring changes in consumption and production patterns. This document will be an input to the Core Set of indicators of Sustainable Development, in the context of the Work Programme on Indicators of Sustainable Development of the Commission on Sustainable Development .

The DSD is currently working with other agencies to develop methodology sheets for the provisional core set of indicators for changing consumption and production patterns. For more information about this process, click on Work in progress.



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