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Partnerships for Sustainable Development
Partnership Registration: Criteria and Guidelines

Governments at CSD-11 decided that partnerships within the context of the WSSD process and its follow-up should be developed and implemented in accordance with a set of agreed criteria and guidelines, taking note of the preliminary work undertaken on partnerships during the preparatory process for WSSD including the Bali Guiding Principles and General Assembly resolution A/RES/56/76).

Partnerships that are consistent with the criteria and guidelines, are encouraged to register with the CSD Secretariat.  

The registration of partnerships with the CSD Secretariat is voluntary.  However, it was agreed at CSD-11 that, once registered, partnerships should submit a regular report, preferably at least on a biennial basis.

If you are part of a partnership that is still in the Proposal stage, i.e. still looking for partners and/or still looking for resources for implementation, you can submit your information for inclusion in our Partnerships Proposals Database

Partnership Registration: Benefits

Registration offers a number of benefits.  Detailed information on registered partnerships is accessible via  the CSD Partnerships Database.  The information provided by registered partnerships forms the basis for summary reports prepared on a regular basis by the CSD Secretariat.

Registered partnerships can present information on their partnerships at CSD Partnerships Fairs and other partnership-related events.  These information-sharing activities help raise awareness and could lead to expansion in the form of new partners and funding or replication of successful initiatives.

Partnership Registration: Procedures

If you have problems accessing the Partnerships Registration Form, please contact the Partnerships Team.

Via Website

To access the online Partnerships Registration form, please do the following:

  1. Create a user profile on the e-DESA Information portal.
  2. Login to the e-DESA Information portal.
  3. Click the link to the Partnerships Portal
  4. Once on the partnerships database page, click "Submit a new Partnership Registration".
  5. Fill in information about your partnership in the form.
  6. Click "Submit Completed Form".*

*Note: if you need more time to fill in the form, click the "Save for Later" button to save the current information.  You can continue entering the remaining information, the next time you login to your e-DESA profile.


There is no deadline, registration of partnerships is an ongoing process.

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