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   Methodology Sheets - Social

Indicators for Social Aspects
of Sustainable Development

Table of Contents

Chapter 3: Combating poverty

  • Unemployment rate
  • Head count index of poverty
  • Poverty gap index
  • Squared poverty gap index
  • Gini index of income inequality
  • Ratio of average female wage to male wage

Chapter 5: Demographic dynamics and sustainability

  • Population growth rate
  • Net migration rate
  • Total fertility rate
  • Population density

Chapter 36: Promoting education, public awareness and training

  • Rate of change of school-age population
  • Primary school enrolment ratio--gross
  • Primary school enrolment ratio--net
  • Secondary school enrolment ratio--gross
  • Secondary school enrolment ratio--net
  • Adult literacy rate
  • Children reaching grade 5 of primary education
  • School life expectancy
  • Difference between male and female school enrolment ratios
  • Women per hundred men in the labour force
  • GDP spent on education

Chapter 6: Protecting and promoting human health

  • Basic sanitation: percent of population with adequate excreta disposal facilities
  • Access to safe drinking water
  • Life expectancy at birth
  • Adequate birth weight
  • Infant mortality rate
  • Maternal mortality rate
  • Nutritional status of children
  • Immunization against infectious childhood diseases
  • Contraceptive prevalence
  • Proportion of potentially hazardous chemicals monitored in food
  • National health expenditure devoted to local health care
  • Total national health expenditure related to GNP

Chapter 7: Promoting sustainable human settlement development

  • Rate of growth of urban population
  • Per capita consumption of fossil fuel by motor vehicle transport
  • Human and economic loss due to natural disasters
  • Percent of population in urban areas
  • Area and population of urban formal and informal settlements
  • Floor area per person
  • House price to income ratio
  • Infrastructure expenditure per capita



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