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Integrated Approaches to Housing & Infrastructure Financing & Development



Summary Description

Belgium Localizing Agenda 21: Action Planning for Sustainable Urban Development This multilateral cooperation programme with Belgian Development Cooperation core funding, initiated by UNHCS and a Belgian Consortium of universities, experts, NGOs and municipalities, offers a multi-year support system for selected secondary cities. The programme currently provides concentrated capacity-building and supports interventions in Nakuru (Kenya), Essaouira (Morocco), Vinh City (Vietnam) and Bayamo (Cuba).
Greece Olympic and Paraolympic Games of 2004 In relation to the 2004 Olympics, many initiatives taken under the Athens Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004 (ATHOC) included: unification of archaeological sites, establishing a National Park, Public Green Procurement, etc. They ensured sustainable landscaping and bioclimatic architecture and raised awareness for sustainable development.


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