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UN Economic and social affairs: Sustainable development
subprogramme web site

UN Environment
United Nations Environment Programme
UNEP web site

WB Environmentally sustainable development: Environment matters
department web site

UN Economic and social affairs
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
programme web site

UN Environment and sustainable development
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
division web page

UN Environmental protection
United Nations Development Programme
programme web site

UN Training and capacity building programmes in chemicals and waste management: Training and capacity building programme to facilitate the design and implementation of national pollutant release and transfer registers
United Nations Institute for Training and Research
subprogramme web page

FAO Agriculture
Agriculture Department
department web site

FAO Fisheries: Fishery policy
Fishery Policy and Planning Division
division web page

FAO Forestry
Forestry Department
department web site

FAO Sustainable development: Environmental information
subprogramme web page

FAO Sustainable development: Environmental policy, planning and management
subprogramme web page

UNESCO Environmental sciences and sustainable development: Co-ordination and promotion of interdisciplinary and inter-agency co-operation
Bureau for the Co-ordination of Environmental Programmes
subprogramme web page

UNESCO Environmental sciences and sustainable development: Ecological sciences and the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme
Division of Ecological Sciences
MAB web site

UNESCO Environmental sciences and sustainable development: Project on environment and development in coastal regions and in small islands
Coastal Areas and Small Islands Unit
subprogramme web site

UNESCO Social and human sciences and social development: Project on Cities: management of social transformations and the environment
full description of the project

WB Environmentally sustainable development: Portfolio monitoring and environmental assessment
Land, Water and Natural Habitats Division
subprogramme web site

WB International Center for Research in Agroforestry: Natural resources strategies and policies
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
subprogramme web site

WHO Promotion and protection of health: Environmental health
Programme for the Promotion of Environmental Health
subprogramme web site

WMO Atmospheric research and environment programme: Global atmosphere watch
subprogramme web page

WMO World climate programme: Global climate observing system
subprogramme web site

WMO World climate programme: World climate data and monitoring programme
subprogramme web page

UN Environment
Economic Commission for Europe
Revised Programme of Work (1996-1998)

UN Environmental and land resource sustainability
Economic and Social Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
description of programme

UN Human settlements: Environment and infrastructure
United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat)
brief description of the programme

UN National and transnational crime, economic crime including money laundering, and the role of criminal law in the protection of the environment
United Nations International Crime Research Institute
document on the Anti-corruption strategies component of the programme

UN Women, environment and sustainable development
International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women
brief summary of the programme

UNIDO Environment and energy
Industrial Sectors and Environment Division
programme web site

WMO World climate programme: World climate impact assessment and response strategies programme
no web site available

WTO Trade and environment
various documents dealing with the issue

UN Ecosystem analysis
UNU International Network for Water, Environment and Health
no web site available

UN Humanitarian assistance
Office of the Emergency Relief Coordinator
document about the programme

UN Information management and communication technologies
United Nations Institute for Training and Research
programme web site

UN Multilateralism and governance
UNU Institute of Advanced Studies
subprogramme web page

UN Programme on space applications
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
UNOOSA page on the programme

WMO Hydrology and water resources programme: Operational hydrology programme - applications and environment
subprogramme web page

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the narrower term Desertification
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the narrower term Environmental management
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the narrower term Pollution
all programmes in the area of Environment, Natural resources, Energy

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