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Draft Article 25

National Implementation Framework113

  • States Parties shall designate a focal point within Government for matters relating to the implementation of the present Convention, and give due consideration to the establishment or designation of a coordination mechanism to facilitate related action in different sectors and at different levels.
  • States Parties shall, in accordance with their legal and administrative system, maintain, strengthen, designate or establish at the national level a framework114 to promote, protect and monitor implementation of the rights recognised in the present Convention.


112: The Working Group did not have time to consider the issue of international monitoring of the draft Convention. Some members of the Working Group indicated, however, that international monitoring was an issue of considerable importance to them. Other members, however, had reservations in this respect.

113: The Working group did not discuss in detail the wording of the draft provisions. It noted that the Ad Hoc Committee may wish to discuss the issue further and take into account the on-going review of the work of the existing UN human rights treaty monitoring bodies.

114: The Working Group did not reach agreement on a number of issues relating to the role of national human rights institutions in the process of the promoting, protecting and monitoring the implementation of the Convention but some members considered that they might perform, inter alia, the following functions: promoting awareness of the provisions of the Convention to persons with disabilities and to the general population; monitoring national legislation, policies and programmes to ensure consistency with the Convention; undertaking or facilitating research on the impact of the Convention or of national legislation; developing a system for assessing that impact on persons with disabilities; and hearing complaints about failure to observe the Convention.

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