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List of Facilitators by Article



1. Purpose

2. General Principles

3. Definitions

4. General Obligations

Mr. Gustavo Ainchil (Argentina)

5. Promotion of positive attitudes

Amb. Sylvester Rowe (Sierra Leone)

6. Statistics and data collection

Mr. Leslie Gatan (the Philippines)

7. Equality and non discrimination

Mr. Stefan Barriga (Liechtenstein)

8. Right to life

Mr. Eduardo Calderón (Ecuador)

9. Equal recognition before the law


10. Liberty and Security

Ms. Gaile Ramoutar (Trinidad and Tobago)

11. Freedom from torture

12. Freedom from violence and abuse

Ms. Ivana Grollová (the Czech Republic)

13. Freedom of expression, opinion

Ms. Fatima Baroudi (Morocco)

14. Respect for privacy

Mr. Anthony Miyeni (South Africa)

15. Living independently

15bis. Women with disabilities

Ms. Theresia Degener (Germany)

16. Children with disabilities

Ms. Josephine Sinyo (Kenya)

17. Education

Ms. Rosemary Kayess (Australia)

18. Participation in political and public life

19. Accessibility

Mr. Damjan Tatic (Serbia and Montenegro)

20. Personal mobility


21. Right to health

Mr. Mu'taz Hyassat (Jordan)

22. Right to work

Mr. Dan Oren (Israel)

23. Social security and adequate standard of living

Mrs. Faith Innerarity (Jamaica)

24. Participation in cultural life

Mr. Monthian Buntan (Thailand)

24bis. International cooperation

Ms. Mariana Olivera West (Mexico)

25. Monitoring







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