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9 October 2006


Draft Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - Drafting Committee

Proposed draft programme of work – Second Phase


9 October– 13 October

Revised English text containing draft proposals is incorporated by translators into all languages; the new language versions are expected to be delivered around October 13. Work of sub-groups on specific languages can already begin on the basis of the August text (for issues other than those relating to proposed drafting changes in English).


16 October – 20 October

Sub-groups on specific languages continue their work, including on questions regarding the incorporation of proposed drafting changes into their language versions.


23 October– 27 October

It is suggested to have the final consultations on draft proposals, based on the English text. These should lead to an agreement on drafting changes in English text.


30 October - 3 November

Translators will incorporate final changes to English text into other language versions
Adoption of the text in all 6 languages by the by the Drafting Committee on 1 November





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