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Finance for sustainable development is the subject of Chapter 33 of Agenda 21 and Chapter X of the Plan of Implementation.

The Implementation of internationally agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration and Agenda 21, as well as the Plan of Implementation will require significant increase in the flow of financial resources.

United Nations Conference on Environment & Development

The General Assembly decided that the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development should:

identify ways and means of providing new and additional financial resources for environmentally sound development programmes and projects in accordance with national development objectives, priorities and plans and to consider ways of effectively monitoring the provision of such new and additional financial resources so as to enable the international community to take further appropriate action on the basis of accurate and reliable data,


Consider various funding mechanisms, including voluntary ones, and examine the possibility of a special international fund and other innovative approaches, with a view to ensuring, on a favourable basis, the most effective and expeditious transfer of environmentally sound technologies to developing counties.

- Agenda 21

Decisions on Finance

Decisions on finance for sustainable development were taken by the Commission at its second, third, fourth, sixth, and eighth sessions, and by the General Assembly at its nineteenth Special Session [Earth Summit + 5] in its Resolution S/19-2 on the Programme for the Future Implementation of Agenda 21.