Events Coordinator: Javier Zanon
Language and Communications Programme/OHRM/DM

2008 Events

Author Paul Auster reads from his book "Man in the Dark"
DH Auditorium - 22 October - 1 p.m.   Reception to follow.

EVENT When & Where About the Event Focal Points
Concert-Opera: Las Horas Vacías
  • 17 November, 2008
  • United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium
  • 6:30 p.m
Las Horas Vacias is a one-hour and fifteen minute opera/monodrama which depicts a lonely woman addicted to the internet and who lives her own fantasy world. It is an attempt to explore a psychological process, so common in our contemporary world: the loneliness and the increasing feeling of emptiness in developed Western societies. The author, Ricardo Llorca, will give an introductory talk. A reception will follow the concert.  
Special Exhibition at UN Headquarters New York marks the 2008 International Year of Languages (IYL).
  • South and North East Gallery of the Visitors’ Lobby
International Year of Languages: Facilitating Communication among Nations (20 October-8 November 2008). The exhibition, the first of its kind, is organized by the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) and illustrates its role in promoting dialogue and cooperation at the UN tthrough the use of the six official languages.
  • Department of General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM)

Speaking Tables
  • Twice a month, starting 18 March
  • The first and third Tuesday of every month
  • Lunchtime activity, 12-1pm
  • Main Cafeteria
There will be 6 tables, each table with an assigned United Nations official language: Arabic, French, English, Russian and Spanish. Regular cafeteria customers will be invited to join and speak the table’s language. Each table will have a host that will moderate the conversation flow. The topics of the conversations may be as casual as participants desire.
  • Fabienne Pairon
  • Sebastien Durietz

UN Multilingual
Book Club
  • Postings on a regular basis (every two weeks)
  • iSeek
The Book Club will be posted Organization-wide on iSeek on a regular basis. In addition to the title and author, the posting will include the biodata and picture, as well as the response to a brief questionnaire by the participants. Senior leadership on the Organization will launch this project, but later on, other staff member will be invited.
  • Camila Serna
Maslenitsa, Russian
Farewell to Winter
  • 7 march 2008
  • Express bar 6:00 p.m.
Traditional Russian festival with speeches, songs, food, and drinks organised in collaboration with the United Nations Russian Book Club. An evening of Russian poetry, stories, songs and conversation.
  • Alla Padalka
Caligrapher's Expo
  • June 12, Tuesday for Chinese
  • July 2, Wednesday for Arabic
  • From 9 – 5, but main show will be held during lunchtime
  • Lounge space ( space in lobby where the sofas are)
  • Educational talks in Conference Rooms ( tentative )
Activity for Chinese and Arabic only Calligraphers will write people’s names on cards during lunchtime. Educational talks about calligraphy will be scheduled as well.
  • Samia Montasser
  • Yong Ho
Chinese Festival
of Song and Dances
  • Friday April 4
  • 3-4:30 pm
  • DHL Auditorium
In the DHL Auditorium, 20-30 Chinese graduate students at Columbia, Yale and NYU will perform Chinese songs and dances.
  • Yong Ho
Language Learning
Needs Survey
  • September E-Survey at UNHQ
  • October-November: Elaboration of results
Conduct E-survey at New York-based potential participants in LCP Programmes to determine Language uses, needs and Language Learning Preferences.
  • Emmanuel Soyer
Language Wall of Honor
  • 22 September - 3 October
  • 9 - 5 pm
  • Secretariat Lobby
Allocate space in the Secretariat Lobby to create exhibits that showcase excelling UN language students. In addition to images, photographs, text and other materials, we have an ongoing video of testimonials from the students and the teachers in the LCP.
  • Joyce Lewis-Swensson
  • Carlos Islam
  • Guillermo Siminiani (for video of testimonials)
Book Sale
  • November 14, 9 - 5 pm in the Main Lobby
Promoting multiculturalism and languages while raising funds for a literacy children’s fund.
  • Pat Duffy
iSeek Campaign
  • iSeek
  • Postings on a regular basis (weekly or every two weeks)
Series of Postings on iSeek to promote language learning at the LCP and to announce the 2008 International Year of Languages events. iSeek banner campaign with banners that promote multilingualism, multiculturalism and the LCP DID YOU KNOW? Series will feature language anecdotes.
  • Camila Serna
Film Series
  • DHL Auditorium
  • 6-9 pm
  • Dates to be determined
Select movies that promote multilingualism and multiculturalism and project them in the DHL Auditorium with a Q & A with directors afterwards.
  • Camila Serna
Talk Series
  • DHL Auditorium
  • 6-9 pm
  • Dates to be determined
Invite prominent scholars, linguists and authors to speak about language, multiculturalism and related subjects. They will be held in the DHL Auditorium with a reception afterwards.
  • Camila Serna
How Many Languages are spoken at UNHQ?
  • June 18th
  • Secretariat Lobby
  • iSeek
A massive gathering of information to determine the number of languages spoken.
  • Eva Garcia
  • Carlos Islam