Read more about the 2021 Development Cooperation Forum held 6-7 May

Young women planting trees

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed new challenges to development cooperation, accelerating pre-existing trends in financing, inequalities and technological change. Yet many governments and other key actors are leading by example, transitioning to policies and practices that build the resilience of societies, economies and ecosystems.

In this context, the 2021 Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) High-Level Meeting, was held virtually on 6-7 May, focusing on international development cooperation that reduces risk, enables recovery and builds resilience in the COVID-19 period and beyond.
The DCF provided all actors with an inclusive, global platform to identify their priorities and share experiences in adapting development cooperation in its diverse forms to new and unprecedented realities.  In preparation for the meeting, H.E. Munir Akram, President of ECOSOC, stated: “The United Nations was forged in the midst of crisis and emerged a foundation for peace and prosperity.  Our common history comes from making crisis response into a transformative process that reduced risk and built resilience into our international system.” 
Find all information about this event on the meeting webpage here.   

Photo: Eyoel Kahssay/Unsplash