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  NOTE TO VISITORS: Photographs on these pages may be downloaded for use in other web formats or in news publications provided that credit is given as listed with the captions. Web users of these images are kindly requested to hotlink photo credits to the Oil-for-Food Home Page. Images downloaded from these pages may not be used in advertising. Any questions about the terms of re-use should be directed to Ian Steele email: steelei@un.org
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Students learn new skills at a Vocational Training School in northern Iraq supported by UNICEF through the Oil-for-Food Programme.
PHOTO: Sonia Dumont - UNOHCI/OIP Oil-for-Food Programme (February 2003)
School children try out their new desks at a school in northern Iraq Workers at a school construction site in Salahaddin in the northern governorate of Erbil.
PHOTO: UNOHCI/Oil-for Food (November 2002)
A woman on her way to adult education classes in Bakrajo in the northern governorate of Sulaymaniyah
PHOTO: UNOHCI/Oil-for Food (October 2000)