M.Z.N.135.2018.LOS: Deposit of a list of geographical coordinates of points establishing the outer limits of its exclusive economic zone.


Communications received by the Secretary-General in connection with the deposit of charts and/or lists of geographical coordinates of points

 Communication from Spain dated 27 July 2018 Spanish | English
 Communication from Italy dated 28 November 2018
 Communication from Algeria addressed to Italy dated 20 June 2019 French | English
 Communication from Algeria addressed to Spain dated 20 June 2019 French | English


 Decree No. 63-403 of 12 October 1963 establishing the Breadth of the Territorial Waters
 Decree No. 72-194 of 5 October 1972 for the Peacetime Regulation of the Passage of Foreign Warships through the Territorial Waters and of their Calls
 Decree No. 84-181 of 4 August 1984 defining the baselines for measuring the breadth of the maritime zones under national jurisdiction
 Legislative Decree No. 94-13 of 17 Dhu'lhijjah 1414, corresponding to 28 May 1994, establishing the general rules relating to fisheries, 22 June 1994
 Presidential Decree No. 04-344 of 23 Ramadan 1425 (6 November 2004) Establishing a Zone Contiguous to the Territorial Sea (see Bulletin 57, p. 116)
 Presidential Decree No. 18-96 of 2 Rajab A.H. 1439, corresponding to 20 March A.D. 2018, establishing an exclusive economic zone off the coast of Algeria French | English

Maritime boundary delimitation agreements
 and other material

with Tunisia

 Agreement on Provisional Arrangements for the Delimitation of the Maritime Boundaries between the Republic of Tunisia and the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria (with annex of 7 August 2002), 11 February 2002 (entry into force: 23 November 2003; registration #: 39821; registration date: 14 January 2004; link to UNTS)

Additional relevant materials

  Communication from Algeria dated 25 November 2018 French | English

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