United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women

"Empowerment of Women through the life cycle as a transformative strategy for poverty eradication"

Expert Group Meeting
New Delhi, India
26-29 November 2001

Discussion Papers

Papers by experts

Papers by observers

  • EGM/POV/2001/OP.1 -- Gender Constraints for rural poverty alleviation ]
    Prepared by Revathi Balakrishnan

  • EGM/POV/2001/OP.2 -- Gender, poverty, globalization - the UNDP India Experience
    Prepared by Kalyani Menon-Sen (COMING SOON)

  • EGM/POV/2001/OP.3 -- Empowering women as a strategy for the eradication of poverty: An Indian perspective
    Prepared by P.G. Dharchakrabarti (COMING SOON)

Background papers

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Message from
Ms. Angela E.V. King

Assistant Secretary General
Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women, United Nations

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