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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Secretary-General’s remarks at meeting with H.E. Mr. John Baird, Foreign Minister of Canada

New York, 17 December 2014

Good morning.

It’s always a great pleasure to welcome you.

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to the United Nations. Canada and yourself have been a strong advocate for the whole agenda of the United Nations - peace & security, sustainable development and also human rights. I particularly appreciate your strong leadership on Every Woman Every Child [initiative].

As you remember, I was in Canada last May to participate in this international conference and it was hugely successful one.  I appreciate Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his very strong initiative as well as commitment working as co-chair on this accountability and information function of Every Woman Every Child initiative. I also appreciate the strong engagement and effort to prevent early child and forced marriage.

I hope that the General Assembly will adopt the resolution tomorrow, and I really appreciate your strong efforts to make this happen. Again, I am committed to work very closely with you and really appreciate your country’s contributions to Peacekeeping operations.  I have just appointed a very distinguished Canadian as a Police Commissioner in Haiti [Serge Therriault].

I wish you all the best and thank you very much.

Off-the-Cuff on 17 December 2014