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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Published op-ed pieces and other articles

'We must work in new ways to help people in crisis'

The Guardian (UK), 14 June 2016

Refugees and Migrants: A Crisis of Solidarity

The Express Tribune, 09 May 2016

Don't Shoot the Messenger, Israel

The New York Times (US), 31 January 2016

What I Expect From the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris

Le Monde (France), 25 November 2015

Give Refugees Opportunities to Give Back

Le Figaro (France), 11 November 2015

70th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Mainichi Shimbun, 06 August 2015

Norman Rockwell's big worldview

The Boston Globe (USA), 30 June 2015

The UN Charter at 70: Toward a Safer and Sustainable Future for We the Peoples

Huffington Post (USA), 26 June 2015

Drive for sustainability to start in Sendai

Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan), 16 March 2015

A Global Strategy for Disaster Risk

Project Syndicate (Prague), 11 March 2015

Making Headway Against Climate Change

The Wall Street Journal (USA), 26 September 2014

New Hope for Haiti

Project Syndicate, 01 August 2014

A time for justice, not revenge

Haaretz (Israel), 07 July 2014

Crisis in Syria: Civil War, Global Threat

Huffington Post (USA), 25 June 2014

Climate change affects us all. So what's stopping us joining forces to act on it?

The Guardian (UK), 06 May 2014

A ticket out of misery

The Washington Post (USA), 14 April 2014

20 years after Rwanda, our leaders risk letting it happen again

The Independent (London), 06 April 2014

A heart-rending visit to Auschwitz inspires hope

The Citizen (Dar es Salaam), 23 January 2014

UN Secretary-General: JFK left indelible imprint on me

USA Today (US), 22 November 2013

Wave of diplomatic progress at the UN points to brighter future

Al-Hayat and multiple newspapers around the world, 10 October 2013

Malala Comes to the United Nations

Huffington Post (USA), 07 July 2013

In Africa's Great Lakes region, peace dividend must follow peace deal

Huffington Post (USA), 20 May 2013

1,000 days to keep the Millennium Promise

China Daily, 01 April 2013

Welcoming America inspired my public service

USA Today (US), 22 August 2012

A global movement for change

The Express Tribune, 14 June 2012

The Future We Want

The New York Times (US), 23 May 2012

Powering Sustainable Energy for All

International Herald Tribune (France), 12 January 2012

The Clock Is Ticking

International Herald Tribune (France), 31 October 2011

Famine in Somalia

ModernGhana.com, 21 July 2011

Standing by South Sudan

The New York Times (US), 07 July 2011

Opportunity knocks

Today's Zaman (Istanbul), 06 May 2011

A Visit to Chernobyl

International Herald Tribune (France), 25 April 2011

New Directions for the UN

Project Syndicate, 16 December 2010

What Will You Do to Make Peace Happen?

AllAfrica.com (South Africa), 22 September 2010

Pakistan Needs Our Help, Now

The New York Times (US), 18 August 2010

Accounting for success

Al Hayat, 21 June 2010

A new AIDS crisis

The Statesman (US), 14 June 2010

The age of accountability

The Hindu (India), 27 May 2010

Surviving motherhood

Today's Zaman (Istanbul), 07 May 2010

A New Ground Zero

International Herald Tribune (France), 28 April 2010

Renewal, not restoration, should be the goal for Haiti

The Washington Post (US), 29 March 2010

Don't wait for disaster

The Daily Star (Lebanon), 19 March 2010

A Solution Now for Cyprus

Khaleej Times (UAE), 13 February 2010

What I saw in Haiti

The Washington Post (US), 19 January 2010

The UN is united again

The Guardian (UK), 29 September 2009

The ice is melting

The New York Times (US), 17 September 2009

A five-point plan to rid world of nuclear bombs

Gulf Times (Qatar), 03 August 2009

If not now, when?

Daily News (Egypt), 04 July 2009

Come Together, Right Away

International Herald Tribune (France), 02 July 2009

Beyond Pandemics

Daily News (Egypt), 15 June 2009

Green Growth: Korea 's New Strategy : Power green growth, protect the planet

Korea Herald (Republic of Korea), 14 April 2009

I fear a looming catastrophe

The Guardian (UK), 02 April 2009

Haiti's Big Chance

The New York Times (US), 30 March 2009

No crime more brutal

International Herald Tribune (France), 06 March 2009

Reconstructing Gaza and the peace process

Forbes (US), 02 March 2009

Green growth is essential to any stimulus

Financial Times (London), 17 February 2009

Food Security: Our forgotten crisis

International Herald Tribune (France), 25 January 2009

Stop the Killing Now

Al Quds Al Arabi (London), 14 January 2009

The Responsibility to Deliver

Reforma (Mexico), 05 January 2009

Solidarity the solution to cascading crises

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), 02 December 2008

The Road to Nuclear Disarmament

The Guatemala Times (Guatemala), 19 November 2008

Connecting the Solutions

The Guatemala Times (Guatemala), 15 November 2008

Crisis is opportunity Global warming II

International Herald Tribune (France), 10 November 2008

Age of green economics

Gulf Times (Qatar), 22 October 2008

The State of the World

Khaleej Times (United Arab Emirates), 23 September 2008

The stigma factor: biggest hurdle to combat HIV/AIDS

The Washington Times (US), 06 August 2008

Time for a new path out of disaster

The Daily Star (Bangladesh), 19 July 2008

Global Action to Save Global Growth

The Washington Post (US), 03 July 2008

More than just talk

International Herald Tribune (France), 17 June 2008

Peacekeepers to the world for 60 years

Irish Times (Ireland), 29 May 2008

World Food Crisis: Through Africa with hope

International Herald Tribune (France), 01 May 2008

The Right War

Time Magazine (US), 28 April 2008

Let's get to work

The Guardian (UK), 25 April 2008

Confronting AIDS in Asia

Daily Star (Lebanon), 28 March 2008

Water is Life

The Hindu (India), 17 March 2008

The New Face Of Hunger

The Washington Post (US), 12 March 2008

Afghanistan: Neither Lost nor Forgotten

The Globe and Mail (Canada), 24 January 2008

Asia in the World

Taipei Times, 06 December 2007

A New Green Economics: The Test for the World In Bali and Beyond

The Washington Post (US), 03 December 2007

At the tipping point

International Herald Tribune (France), 16 November 2007

We can combat Climate Change

International Herald Tribune (France), 27 September 2007

Leadership and Climate Change

Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), 23 September 2007

What I Saw in Darfur

The Washington Post (US), 14 September 2007

Hope at last for Haiti

The Washington Times (US), 09 August 2007

Going Global for Good

The Washington Times (US), 09 July 2007

A Climate Culprit In Darfur

The Washington Post (US), 16 June 2007

Hear the first victims of climate change

International Herald Tribune (France), 06 June 2007

Why the World Has Changed in the U.N.'s Favor

Newsweek International (US), 04 June 2007