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Article 8 - Raising awareness regarding disability
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1. States Parties undertake to adopt immediate and effective measures to:

a. Raise awareness throughout society regarding disability and persons with disabilities;

b. Combat stereotypes and prejudices about persons with disabilities;

c. Promote an image of persons with disabilities as capable and contributing members of society sharing the same rights and freedoms as all others and in a manner consistent with the overall purpose of this Convention.


2. These measures shall include, among others:

a. initiating and maintaining an effective public awareness campaign designed to nurture receptiveness to the rights of persons with disabilities;

b. promoting awareness, including in all children from an early age and at all levels of the education system, to foster an attitude of respect for the rights of persons with disabilities;

c. encouraging all organs of the media to project an image of persons with disabilities consistent with the purpose of this Convention;

d. working in partnership with persons with disabilities and their representative organisations in all measures taken to give effect to the obligations contained in this article.




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