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Article 8 - Raising awareness regarding disability
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Third Session



Compilation of proposed revisions and amendments made by the members of the Ad Hoc Committee to the draft text presented by the Working Group as a basis for negotiations by Member States and Observers in the Ad Hoc Committee

(updated after the completion of the first reading at the Fourth Session, 26 August 2004)


[[Article 5
Promotion of positive attitudes [to] (towards Canada) persons with
disabilities EU]

(Creation and raising of awareness South Africa)
(Creation of a culture of respect and inclusion Mexico)

1. [States Parties undertake to adopt (by appropriate and active means Australia) [[immediate Argentina] and effective measures Australia] to: EU: see article 3 bis]

(a) Raise awareness throughout society regarding [disability Swaziland] (in various forms Philippines) and persons with disabilities (their needs, potential and contribution to society Uganda) (and foster (a culture of Mexico) respect for the rights of persons with disabilities EU) (and their human rights Costa Rica);

(b) Combat (negative Trinidad and Tobago) stereotypes (negative cultural practices Trinidad and Tobago) and prejudices about persons with disabilities;

(Combat practices whether cultural religious or other which discriminate persons with disabilities. Kenya)

[(c) [[Promote] (To commit ourselves to Arab Group) an image of Canada] (portray Canada, New Zealand) persons with disabilities (irrespective of type, severity and complexity of their disabilities Thailand) as capable and contributing members of society sharing the same rights and freedoms (and responsibilities Philippines) as all others and in a manner consistent with the overall purpose of this Convention. New Zealand]

2. [These measures shall include, among others:

[(a) Initiating and maintaining (promoting Canada) an effective [public Yemen] (social Yemen) [awareness Canada] (policies Costa Rica) campaign designed to [nurture (awareness of and respect for) [receptiveness Canada] South Africa] (respect and protection Philippines) (promote the rights of persons with disabilities South Africa) to the rights of persons with disabilities;

(b) [Promoting awareness South Africa] (to develop and maintain programmes of awareness South Africa) (in their population Costa Rica), including in all children from an early age and at all levels of the education system, to foster an attitude of respect for the rights of persons with disabilities; EU: see article 3 bis]

(c) Encouraging all organs of the media to [project an image of Canada] (portray Canada, New Zealand) persons with disabilities (in a manner Canada) consistent with [the purpose Canada] of this Convention (through inter alia the use of proper terminology Trinidad and Tobago);

[(d) Working in partnership with persons with disabilities and their representative organizations (and families Uganda) in all measures taken to give effect to the obligations contained in this article. EU: see article 3 bis] New Zealand]



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