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Article 6 - Women with Disabilities
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Report by the Chairman


Draft article 15bis

23. The Committee noted that while all women are covered under the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, that Convention does not specifically mention women with disabilities and there are no other legally binding texts that do. There was general agreement in the Committee, therefore, to include in the Convention the principle of gender equality. All delegations agreed that the Convention needed to adequately address the situation of women with disabilities.

24. There were different views expressed, however, on how best to achieve this aim in the convention. Some delegations supported the proposal for a stand-alone article. Others suggested that a reference in the preamble combined with language in the general principles, the general obligations, or the monitoring section best met the aim. Others proposed to mainstream gender issues throughout thematic Articles of specific relevance to women. Others supported both a separate article in addition to mainstreamed references.

25. The Chair noted that delegations should bear in mind that any programme of action to implement the convention would be an additional place to deal with the situation of those that faced additional disadvantage due to discrimination on intersecting grounds.

26. The issue of women with disabilities was referred to the facilitator (Theresia Degener, Germany) to explore further the best approach and examine where and if there were gaps in the convention that needed to be addressed from a gender perspective.



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