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Article 32 - International cooperation
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Article 24 bis International Cooperation

States Parties shall promote international cooperation and undertake to take appropriate measures in coordination with each other, as well as with international and regional organizations and other stakeholders, for the realization of the purposes of this convention.

International cooperation shall include, inter alia:

a) Exchange of information concerning best practices on measures, legislation, national policies, programmes and projects to implement the present convention and on the progress and challenges faced in this regard;

b) Increasing public awareness on disability and the full and equal enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms by persons with disabilities;

c) Ensuring that international cooperation programmes are inclusive to persons with disabilities;

d) Encouraging the provision of technical cooperation and economic assistance to developing countries, including transfer of technology;

e) Promoting research and application of accessible technologies, including assistive technologies for persons with disabilities;

f) Conducting training courses, seminars, workshops and research;

g) Supporting and develop capacity building for the full implementation of this convention.





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