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Article 32 - International cooperation
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Draft Article 24bis

States parties recognize that the international cooperation is a fundamental element contributing to the inclusion of People with disabilities and for the effective implementation of this treaty. In a spirit of solidarity, state parties undertake to:

a) Promote and ensure among themselves the exchange of information and the dissemination of the best practices, experiences, knowledge related to the effective implementation of this treaty.

b) Encourage the technical cooperation that could contribute to build capacities of the parties to design and implement policies that allow the full enjoyment of their human rights by people with disabilities.

c) Ensure that resources are dedicated to eradicate the extreme poverty that face people with disabilities, their exclusion and the difficulties they face to access to basic services.

d) Ensure the inclusion of disability issues as described in this convention in any of their program, tool and policies of cooperation, development and humanitarian aid. In case of bilateral cooperation, this should engage both the donors and recipient of the support.

e) Contribute to the availability of specific resources dedicated to disability and development, especially regarding the empowerment of disabled people organizations and the enhancement of the disability movement.


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