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Article 31 - Statistics and data collection
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Fourth Session



Report of the Coordinator to the Fifth Session

Summary of discussions on draft article 6

18. There was general agreement on the following points for draft article 6:

• There should be a provision in the convention on this topic.

• This should be a separate article and not merged with draft article 25 on monitoring.

• The article should be in the section of the convention concerned with implementation and monitoring (possibly in a chapter on those topics). Its ultimate placement was not resolved and some delegations expressed the preference that it remain in the earlier part of the convention.

• The text should be streamlined to read:

“Where necessary, States parties undertake to collect appropriate information to enable them to formulate and implement policies to give effect to this Convention. The process of collecting and maintaining this information should:

(a) Comply with legally established safeguards to ensure confidentiality and respect for the privacy of persons with disabilities, including legislation on data protection;

(b) Comply with internationally accepted norms to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms;”

• The concept of compliance with the international standards and ethical principles of statistics, as suggested by Landmine Survivors Network, but without listing the elements involved in that concept, should be included. It is possible that briefer wording along the lines of general comment 5 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which sets out the objective without being too prescriptive, would suffice. This was referred to the Facilitator’s group, led by Leslie Gatan (Philippines).

• A number of delegations raised the importance of the use to which the data might be put. To avoid unbalancing the text, the Coordinator asked two delegations to draft a briefer formulation for a possible paragraph 2, covering a number of issues not covered in paragraph 1.




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