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Article 18 - Liberty of movement
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Sixth Session



Report by the Chairman


Draft article 20

73. The Committee noted that there were three important issues under consideration in the discussion of this Article: accessibility in the broadest sense (as dealt with in draft article 19); personal mobility of the individual; and liberty of movement.

74. The Committee also noted that there were considerable overlaps between draft article 20, and draft article 19, along with elements of other draft articles of the Convention. There was general support, therefore, to move elements of draft article 20 to other Articles, and delete draft article 20 altogether. In this regard, the Committee noted that there was general agreement at its fourth session that paragraph (c) should be incorporated into draft article 4. e

75. Some delegations were, however, concerned that deletion of the Article might result in the loss of essential elements.

76. On the issue of liberty of movement, the Committee noted that this was a right guaranteed under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. There was general agreement that this right should not be ignored. Some delegations noted instances in which the liberty of movement of persons with disabilities was adversely affected by, for example, being denied birth registration or a passport. Language on this issue had been proposed and would need to be further considered by the Committee.





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