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Fifth Session of the Ad Hoc Committee
Documents of the Fifth Session


Organization of Work

Monday, 24 January 2005

1. Opening of the session

2. Adoption of the agenda.

3. Organization of work.

4. Consideration of the proposed revisions and amendments to the draft text of the Working Group as contained in the reports of the Ad Hoc Committee on its third session (A/AC.265/2004/5, annex II) and fourth session (A/59/360, annex IV), and in proposals received by the Secretariat from the fourth session.


Tuesday, 25 January (continued)

Wednesday, 26 January (continued)

Thursday, 27 January (continued)

Friday, 28 January (continued)

Monday, 31 January (continued)

Tuesday, 1 February (continued)

Wednesday, 2 February (continued)

Thursday, 3 February (continued)


Friday, 4 February

5. Conclusion of the Ad Hoc Committee at its fifth session.

6. Adoption of the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on its fifth session.



Informal consultations on draft articles 1-15 and 24 bis

Review of draft articles 16-25 and proposed additional articles.

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