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UN Programme on Disability   Working for full participation and equality

2001 Observance of the
International Day of Disabled Persons

International Day of Disabled Persons 3 December 2001

United Nations expert group meeting on disability-sensitive policy and programme monitoring and evaluation, UNHQ, New York, 3-5 December 2001

Proposed draft agenda

  1. Progress made towards achieving the goals of the World Programme and future plans to implement the World Programme and monitor progress towards its goals. Three main areas will be addressed: (a) broad proposals to measure progress, (b) incorporating the disability perspective in development, and (c) applicability of the experience of other international monitoring efforts to disability.
  2. Full participation and equality: Measuring progress towards the full implementation of the World Programme of Action. Specific protocols for monitoring progress towards the World Programme of Action and basic critical elements for the establishment of a monitoring programme by member States will be reviewed by the author of "Measuring Progress Towards the Implementation of the World Programme of Action Concerning Disabled Persons."
  3. The Regional Experience in Development and Disability. The meeting will discuss the "disability perspective in development" bringing together the views of those working in disability policy and those working in other areas, including gender issues, and economic development.
  4. Development of Systematic Programmes to Measure Progress Towards the Implementation of the World Programme of Action (a) Recommendations for the establishment of specific goals related to equalization of opportunity for persons with disabilities with particular focus on education and employment; (b) country experiences in establishing Goals; (c) emerging issues in establishing specific goals; (d) recommendations concerning data issues; (e) assessment of the current situation for persons with disabilities as compared to all persons, and identifying indicators; (f) identifying a population to represent persons with disabilities; (g) identifying other populations at risk for disadvantage; (h) setting benchmarks and establishing programmes.

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