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CDP Background Paper Series

The CDP Background Papers are preliminary documents circulated in a limited number of copies and posted on this website, to stimulate discussion and critical comment on the broad range of economic, social and environmental issues associated with the issues dealt with by the Committee for Development Policy.

Readers are invited to submit their comments directly to the authors. The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the United Nations Secretariat. The designations and terminology employed may not conform to United Nations practice and do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Organization.


The likelihood of 24 Least Developed Countries graduating from the LDC category by 2020: an achievable goal?

Trade Benefits for Least Developed Countries: the Bangladesh Case


Effectively addressing the vulnerabilities and development needs of small island developing States

Science, technology and innovation for sustainable development


Climate change vulnerability and the identification of least developed countries

Strengthening smooth transition from the least developed country category

Conflict and the identification of the Least Developed Countries: Theoretical and statistical considerations


The concept of structural economic vulnerability
and its relevance for the identification of the
Least Developed Countries and other purposes
(Nature, measurement, and evolution)

International Migration and Development:
A review in light of the crisis


Views and Perspectives on UN support for SIDS


Policy responses to economic vulnerability


Reconstruction, development and sustainable peace: a unified programme for post-conflict countries

An African Perspective of the Millennium development Goals: from scepticism to leadership and hope


Innovative Approaches to Domestic Resource Mobilization in Selected LDCs

New approaches to debt relief and debt sustainability in LDCs

Commitment to good governance, development and poverty reduction: methodological issues in the evaluation of progress at the national and local levels

The poverty reduction challenge in LDCs


Development Cooperation in the Age of Information Technologies—The Role of the United Nations and its Agencies

Economic Globalization: Trends, Risks and Risk Prevention