~ Fellows' Research Thesis ~

The Fellows' research reports are made available for information purposes only and their content does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations, the Nippon Foundation of Japan, the Fellows' Nominating Authority, nor those of the Fellows' Host Institutions.



Reports are listed in alphabetical order by the author's surname, with home country and fellowship year in brackets and followed by the report's hyperlinked title.


Adi, Mazen (Syria, 2008-2009) “The Application of the Law of the Sea and the Convention on the Mediterranean Sea


Akohou, Rodrigue (Benin, 2007-2008) "Exploitation pétrolière en mer et droit international: aspects juridiques et environnementaux pour les Etats côtiers du Golfe de Guinée"
(In French) "Offshore Petroleum Exploitation and International Law: legal and environmental aspects for Coastal States of
Gulf of Guinea"


Akwilapo, Flora (Tanzania, 2006-2007) "A comparative on marine protected areas between Australia and Tanzania"


Alsied, Adel Omar (Libya, 2005-2006) "Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries With Special Reference to the EEZ and the IMO Conventions Regime: A Libyan Case Study"


Arsana, I Made Andi (Indonesia, 2007-2008) "Indonesia’s Extended Continental Shelf Submission: Status and Problems"

Bitse Ekomo, Christophe Bertrand (Cameroon, 2007-2008) "La côte atlantique du Cameroun et les Etats sans littoral d’Afrique Centrale: évolution et défis de la question d’accès à la mer"
(In French) "The Atlantic coast of
Cameroon and the land-locked States of Central Africa: evolution and challenges regarding access to the sea"


Capahi, Ritche (Philippines, 2007-2008) "Maritime Liens and Ship Mortgages in the Philippines"


Capistrano, Robert (Philippines, 2009-2010) “Engendering the participation of indigenous communities in fisheries management


Cifuentes, Bryslie (Guatemala, 2008-2009) “The Guatemalan Fishery and Aquaculture General Law vs. International Laws related to Fishery and Aquaculture

Costa-Alegre, Me-Chinho (Sao Tome and Principe, 2009-2010) “Challenges in the management of  marine affairs in SIDS with huge EEZ


Curiel, Raul (Venezuela, 2009-2010) “Overlapping claims for an extended continental shelf in the northeastern part of South America facing the Atlantic Ocean

Dehghani, Reza (Iran, 2008-2009) "Continental Shelf Delimitation in the Persian Gulf"


Dorah, Rudolfo (Solomon Islands, 2006-2007) "Towards Integrated National Ocean Policy in the South Pacific - Competing and Conflicting Issues in Ocean Policy: Solomon Islands"


Dundua, Nugzar (Georgia, 2006-2007) "Delimitation of the maritime boundaries between adjacent States"


Engler, Cecilia (Chile, 2006-2007) "Establishment and Implementation of a Conservation and Management Regime for the High Seas Fisheries with focus on the Southeast Pacific and Chile: From Global Developments to Regional Challenges"


EtogaGalax Yves Landry Etoga (Cameroon, 2008-2009) "La gouvernance de la biodiversité marine et tiere dans le Golfe de Guinée

Ferreria, Izildo (Mozambique, 2008-2009) "Developing an Integrated Ocean's Policy for Mozambique"

, Michael Lyndon (
Philippines, 2005-2006) "Progress in the Implementation of the Philippine National Marine Policy: Issues and Options"


Hoque, Muhammad Nazmul (Bangladesh, 2005-2006) "Legal and Scientific Assessment of Bangladesh’s Baseline in the Context of Article 76 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea"

Hosanee, Nivedita (Mauritius, 2009-2010) "A critical analysis of flag State duties as laid down under Article 94 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea"

Iteraera, Ruria (Kiribati, 2009-2010) “Infectious disease and maritime law: the case of a SIDS


Jamine, Elisio Benedito (Mozambique, 2006-2007) "Maritime Boundaries Delimitation, Management and Dispute Resolution: The Delimitation of the Mozambique Maritime Boundaries with Neighboring States (including the extended Continental Shelf) and the management of ocean"

Khemakorn, Pakjuta (Thailand, 2006-2007) "Sustainable Management of Pelagic Fisheries in the South China Sea Region"


Kibiwot, Robert (Kenya, 2007-2008) "Towards the formulation of Kenya’s integrated Ocean Management Policy including Institutional Framework"

Kwadjosse, Theodore (Ghana, 2008-2009) “The Law of the Sea: Impacts on the Conservation and Management of Fisheries Resources of Developing Coastal States – Case Study of Ghana

Lokita, Sora (Indonesia, 2009-2010) “The strategic role of archipelagic baselines in maritime boundary delimitation


Lovell, Tricia (Antigua and Barbuda, 2007-2008) "Regionalism versus National Sovereignty: The Promise and Problems of a CARICOM Fisheries Agreement"


Mathew, Ansy N.P. (India, 2008-2000) “Marine Fisheries Conservation and Management in India


Mendis, Chinthaka (Sri Lanka, 2006-2007) "Sovereignty vs. trans-boundary environmental harm: The evolving International law obligations and the Sethusamuduram Ship Channel Project"


Mohamed, Ahamada (Comoros, 2007-2008) "Vers une Politique Maritime et Océanique Comorienne au XXIlème Siècle"
(In French) "Towards a Comorian Maritime and Oceanic Policy in the XXIst Century"


Mom, Ravin (Cambodia, 2005-2006) "Maritime Boundaries and Dispute Settlement Mechanisms" and
"ITLOS and Dispute Settlement Mechanisms of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea"


Moseley, Aleeza (Barbados, 2009-2010) “Maritime security in the Caribbean: Challenges to implementation of the international regime

Nasuchon, Nopparat (Thailand, 2008-2009) "Coastal Management and Community Management in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, with a case study of Thai Fisheries Management"

Natova, Anna (Bulgaria, 2005-2006) "The Relationship Between United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the IMO Conventions"


Nguyen, Dong (Vietnam, 2005-2006) "Settlement of Disputes Under the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: The Case of the South China Sea Dispute"


Nurhidayah, Laely (Indonesia, 2009-2010) “Toward an integrated ocean and costal management: A comparative study on the laws and policies of ocean and coastal resources and its implementation in Indonesia and USA


Oliveira, Uria (Brazil, 2007-2008) "The Role of the Brazilian Ports in the Improvement of the National Ballast Water Management Program According the Provisions of the International Ballast Water"


Ome Baron, Aura Tatiana (Colombia, 2007-2008) "Constructing the Notion of the Maritime Cultural Heritage in the Colombian Territory: Tools for the Protection and Conservation of Fresh and Salt Aquatic Surroundings"


Panjarat, Sampan (Thailand, 2007-2008) "Sustainable Fisheries in the Andaman Sea Coast of Thailand"


Persand, Sharveen (Mauritius, 2005-2006) "A Practical Overview of Article 76 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea"


Randrianarisoa, Ylenia (Madagascar, 2006-2007) "Application du droit et la politique internationaux dans la politique et législation de la gestion des pêches malgaches"
(In French with English Abstract) "Malagasy Fisheries Management: Political, jurisdiction and administration analyses for a lasting resource"


Sara-Repetto, Miriam (Peru, 2005-2006) "Towards an Ocean Governance Framework and National Ocean Policy for Peru"


Siry, Hendra (Indonesia, 2006-2007) "Making Decentralized Coastal Zone Management Work for the Southeast Asian Region: Comparative Perspectives"

Singh, Asha (Guyana, 2008-2009) "Governance in the Caribbean Sea: Implications for Sustainable Development"


Solofa, Anama (Samoa, 2009-2010) “Ocean Governance in Samoa: A case study of Ocean Governance in the South Pacific


Tanga, Justin (Cameroon, 2009-2010) “The practice of joint development zones by costal States in the Gulf of Guinea: local relevance and efficiency of a modern diplomatic instrument


Thang, Mang Hau (Myanmar, 2006-2007) "Issues Relating to the Delineation and Delimitation of Myanmar’s Continental Shelf in Accordance with the Article 76 of the 1982 UNCLOS"


Turan, Murat (Turkey, 2008-2009) “Turkey’s Oil Spill Response Policy: Influences and Implementation


Turnquest, Natasha (Bahamas, 2005-2006) "Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary Between the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and the United States of America: A Case Study"


Walker, LaVerne (St. Lucia, 2005-2006) "Towards the Development of a Coastal Zone Management Strategy and Action Plan for Saint Lucia"