A uniform title used as an established title or extended subject heading in heading records or as an unestablished title in cross reference records.

Subfield Codes

$a - Uniform title (NR)

In UNBIS, the complete uniform title is entered in $a.

Uniform titles include treaties, conventions, declarations and various draft texts but also monographic series titles. In English, for uniform titles other than series, capitalize the first letter of each word; in series titles only the first word is capitalized.

Addition of qualifiers to series titles

A generic title, such as «Annual report» should be modified with the name of the issuing body. 

Annual report (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)

To distinguish identically worded series titles, add the issuing body or publisher as a qualifier; do not modify a series title with the place of publication. 

Occasional paper (Australian National University. Development Studies Centre)

If the title is the name of the issuing body or otherwise does not convey the idea of a series title, add «(Series)» as a qualifier.

Centre de droit international de l'Institut de sociologie de l'Université libre de Bruxelles (Series)

Add the date (year) of adoption to declarations, treaties and agreements.

Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects (1971)


130 _ 0 $a Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs

130 _ 0 $a Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

130 _ 0 $a Ocean Space Treaty (Draft)

130 _ 0 $a Model Treaty on the Transfer of Enforcement of Penal Sanctions (Draft)

130 _ 0 $a International Classification of Diseases

130 _ 0 $a Conflict and social change series

130 _ 0 $a Militarism, state and society

130 _ 0 $a EDI seminar paper

130 _ 0 $a MHQ : the quarterly journal of military history

130 _ 0 $a Collection Actualité juridique

130 _ 0 $a Analyse, épistémologie, histoire économiques

130 _ 0 $a Etudes du Centre de développement. Série "Croissance à long terme"

130 _ 0 $a Serie Análisis demográfico

130 _ 0 $a Colección económico financiera. Serie Banca y moneda

130 _ 0 $a MIMA-SIPRI report

130 _ 0 $a Conference papers (Utrikespolitiska institutet (Stockholm))

130 _ 0 $a Occasional paper (UN Research Institute for Social Development)

130 _ 0 $a Istituto internazionale di studi sui diritti dell'uomo (Series)

130 _ 0 $a Information programme for the European citizen (Series)

130 _ 0 $a Theme 2--Economy and finance. Series B, Short-term statistics

130 _ 0 $a Thémis. Droit privé

130 _ 0 $a Microsoft PowerPoint (Computer file)

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