Term Selection (translation of concepts into the documentary language)


A. Topical subjects (tag 650)

B. Corporate and Conference subjects (tags 610 and 611)

C. Personal name subjects (tag 600)

D. Title subjects (tag 630)

E. Bodies, conferences and texts not yet in existence (tags 610, 611, 630)

E. Bodies, conferences and texts not yet in existence (tags 610, 611, 630)

When the subject of a document is a body or conference proposed to be established or convened, or when the subject is a treaty, declaration, etc. in the process of being drafted, the indexer should assign a term to specify the type of entity as precisely as the Thesaurus permits (CONFERENCES, GROUPS OF EXPERTS, TASK FORCES, WORKING GROUPS, DECLARATIONS, GUIDELINES, PRINCIPLES, TREATIES, etc.) in addition to topical subject terms (tag 650) reflecting the main subjects of the body, conference, treaty, etc.

Example 1:
A document discussing a proposed declaration concerning cultural heritage:


Example 2:
A document discussing establishment of a new task force on genetically modified organisms:

650 17 $a TASK FORCES

If the text or body has a provisional name, an authority record may be created and the provisional name entered in the appropriate subject field: title subject (tag 630), corporate subject (tag 610), or conference subject (tag 611). However, the name is subject to change during the drafting process or upon final adoption of the text or establishment of the body. Earlier versions of the name are recorded as cross-references in the authority record. Therefore it is important for indexers to be aware of progress made in drafting texts, establishing new bodies and convening new conferences, and to ensure that authority records are updated accordingly.

If draft text for a title subject exists, the word Draft is added to the name as a qualifier between parentheses; if draft text does not yet exist, the word Proposed is added as a qualifier. The qualifier Proposed is replaced by Draft as soon as draft text exists. When the text is adopted, the qualifier Proposed or Draft is replaced by the year of adoption after the name in the title subject.

The word Proposed is added as a qualifier between parentheses after the name of a body or conference that has not yet been established. When the body or conference is established, the qualifier Proposed is deleted; it may be replaced by the year and place of meeting in case of a specific conference.

In case of a conference, meeting or session that will probably take place, but the year and/or place of the meeting cannot be determined by the indexer, instead of the qualifier Proposed the unknown year and/or place are recorded as «####» after the name.

Example 3:

630 07 $a Pacific Island Countries Free Trade Agreement (Proposed)
[Draft text of the Agreement does not yet exist]

Example 4:

630 07 $a UN Framework Convention Against Organized Crime (Draft)
[Draft text of the Convention exists]

Example 5:

611 27 $a International Conference on Indigenous Issues (Proposed)

Example 6:

610 27 $a UNCTAD (12th sess. : 2008 : ####)
[The session is scheduled to take place in 2008, but the meeting place is not yet known]

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