Authority-controlled field.

For non-UN publications, see also the guidelines for tag 111.

When a work contains the report or proceedings of a conference, meeting, workshop, seminar, etc., or contains text issued under the responsibility of a conference, meeting, etc., the authority-controlled conference name, as found in the UNBIS Name Authority File, is entered in 711 $a.

If an UNBIS authority record for a conference name does not exist, a new authority record is created.

The number (if applicable), year(s) and place(s) of the meeting are enclosed within parentheses after the conference name in subfield $a. Subsidiary bodies may follow the conference name in subfield $a. Additional MARC21 subfield codes for tag 711 are not used in UNBIS.


711 2_ $a Meeting of Experts on an International Convention to Promote and Protect the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities (2003 : Bangkok)

711 2_ $a Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters. Working Group on Genetically Modified Organisms (1st : 2003 : Geneva)

711 2_ $a Global Consultations on International Protection (2000-2002 : Geneva, etc.)

711 2_ $a International Training Course in Regional Development Planning (16th : 1988 : Nagoya, Japan)

711 2_ $a World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (2001 : Durban, South Africa). Main Committee

Multiple conference names may be recorded in separate 711 fields. In recording multiple 711 fields, it is desirable to follow the order in which they appear in the statement of responsibility, or in order of their occurrence within the document, or in the order that makes most sense. For UN documents, the cataloguing «rule of three» is generally not applied and the abbreviation «[et al.]» is not used in recording the statement of responsibility (245 $c). All conference names in the statement of responsibility recorded in 245 $c (or otherwise identified in the bibliographic record as responsible for the item) are added in separate 711 fields.

Field 111 is not used for conference main entry, since the main entry for UN documents is considered to be the document symbol and series symbol (field 191 $ab).

In the case of a report of a conference (089 Content Code A16), the authority record for the conference should be attached as a 611 Conference Subject in addition to appearing as a 711 Conference Name.

For UN documents issued for conferences, when the conference name appearing in the masthead area of the document is represented by the document series symbol and session (field 191 $bc), it is generally not entered as 711 Conference Name (except in the case of meeting reports; resolutions, decisions, declarations or recommendations adopted by the meeting; or when the name appears in a statement of responsibility).


191 $a BWC/CONF.V/4 $b BWC/CONF.V/ $c 2002
245 10 $a Background paper on new scientific and technological developments relevant to the Convention / $c prepared by the Secretariat
710 2_ $a UN. Secretariat
[Background paper for a Conference; the Conference name is not entered in tag 711 since it is represented by the document series symbol and session in 191 $bc]

191 $a [E/]ECE/OES/NONE/2000/28 $b E/ECE/OES/
245 10 $a International financial institutions as partners of the private sector : $b background paper / $c prepared by Willem Buiter
500 $a At head of title: Financing for Development, UN/ECE Regional Conference in co-operation with the EBRD and UNCTAD, 6-7 December 2000.
700 1_ $a Buiter, Willem
711 2_ $a Regional Consultative Meeting on Financing for Development in the European Region (2000 : Geneva)
[Background paper for a Conference; the Conference name is entered in tag 711 since it is not represented by the document series symbol and session in 191 $bc]

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