Authority-controlled field.

For non-UN publications, see also the guidelines for tag 100.  

When a personal name is identified in a statement of responsibility in the Title (245 $c) (or, in case of UN publication, in General Note 500), the authority-controlled name as found in the UNBIS Name Authority File is entered in 700 $a. If an UNBIS authority record for a personal name does not exist, a new authority record is created.

Multiple authors may be recorded in separate 700 fields.

For UN documents, the cataloguing «rule of three» is generally not applied and the abbreviation «[et al.]» is not used in recording the statement of responsibility (245 $c). All personal names in the statement of responsibility are recorded in 700 fields. [For UN materials other than documents, such as publications and co-published materials, the cataloguing «rule of three» may be applied].

In recording multiple 700 fields, it is desirable to follow the order in which they appear in the statement of responsibility, or in alphabetical order for lists of sponsors of draft resolutions/decisions.

Field 100 is not used for author main entry, since the main entry for UN documents is considered to be the document symbol and series symbol (field 191 $ab).


191 $a E/CN.4/Sub.2/2003/L.4 $b E/CN.4/Sub.2/ $c 55
245 $c Mr. Bengoa, Mr. Chen Shiqiu, Mr. Dos Santos Alves, Mr. Pinheiro
700 1_ $a Alves, Rui Baltazar dos Santos
700 1_ $a Bengoa, José
700 1_ $a Chen, Shiqiu
700 1_ $a Pinheiro, Paulo SÚrgio de M.S.

For certain types of UN documents of an administrative nature, such as administrative circulars in the ST/IC/ document series, the institutional office takes precedence over the personal name of the office-holder and it is only necessary to record the 710 corporate name appearing in the statement of responsibility, not the 700 personal name.


191 $a ST/IC/Geneva/2003/11 $b ST/IC/Geneva/
245 $c Bertrand Juppin de Fondaumière, Director, Division of Administration
710 2_ $a UN Office at Geneva. Division of Administration. Director

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