1. General guidelines
2. Relationship between a monographic work and its component parts
3. Relationship between preceding and succeeding titles

1. General guidelines
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The «Linking Entry Complexity Note» expresses a relationship between the item described in the record and another item, when that relationship cannot be adequately described by a note generated from fields 760-787.

In customary UNBIS practice, the following types of notes are recorded in field 580:

    (1) a formatted note in a record for a monographic component part citing the monographic work containing it;
    (2) a note describing the chronological relationship between preceding and succeeding titles.
[Prior to September 2003, notes concerning bibliographic relationships between items were recorded in field 592 in UNBIS]

2. Relationship between a monographic work and its component parts
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In UNBIS, field 580 is used to record a formatted note specifying the precise location of an analyzed item (a resolution or decision, or an analyzed chapter) within a monographic work.

The 580 note is required for analytic records with Leader 000 position 7 = a («monographic component part»).

For periodical articles (serial component parts), the note specifying the location within the host item is recorded in field 773.


191 $a A/RES/57/130[A]
580 $a In: Questions relating to information - A/RES/57/130 - 25 Feb. 2003 - p. [1]-2.
[Analyzed part of the resolution which is divided into 2 parts: A/RES/57/130A and B]

191 $a TD/B/DEC/474(S-XX)
580 $a In: Report of the Trade and Development Board on its 20th special session, held at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, on 27 January 2003 - TD/B(S-XX)/2 - 4 June 2003 - p. 3-4.
[Analyzed decision contained in a document]

191 $a E/DEC/2003/216
580 $a In: Resolutions and decisions adopted by the Economic and Social Council at its resumed organizational session for 2003, 29 April, 1 and 27 May 2003 - E/2003/INF/2/Add.2 - p. 7-11.
[Analyzed decision contained in a document]

191 $a E/CN.4/RES/2001/1
580 $a In: Commission on Human Rights : report on the 57th session, 19 March-27 April 2001 - E/2001/23-E/CN.4/2001/167 - 2001 - p. 41-43 - (ESCOR, 2001, Suppl. no. 3).
[Analyzed resolution contained in a document]

099 $c ST/HR/1/Rev.6
191 $a ***
580 $a In: Human rights : a compilation of international instruments. Volume 1, 2nd part, Universal instruments - ST/HR/1/Rev.6(Vol.I/Part2) - 2002 - p. 511-515.
[Analyzed chapter contained in a publication]

3. Relationship between preceding and succeeding titles
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A note is recorded in field 580 to describe the bibliographic relationship between preceding and succeeding titles (fields 780 and 785) when a relationship note is not system-generated by 780 and 785 indicators (in a case the call number is mentioned, tag 592 is used for DHL records).


245 10 $a Teen planet magazine
580 $a Continued in 2003 by: Tunza : the UNEP magazine for youth, ISSN 1727-8929.
785 10 $t Tunza : the UNEP magazine for youth $x 1727-8929 $g 2003

245 14 $a The United States and the United Nations report series
580 $a Merged with: United States : United Nations information series; and: Conference series; to form: International organization and conference series, 1 Jan. 1948.
785 17 $t United States : United Nations information series
785 17 $t Conference series
785 17 $t International organization and conference series

245 10 $a Asia-Pacific POPIN bulletin
580 $a Formed by the union of: Asia-Pacific POPIN newsletter; Asian-Pacific documents on population topics; and: Recommended titles in population.
780 14 $t Asia-Pacific POPIN newsletter
780 14 $t Asian-Pacific documents on population topics
780 14 $t Recommended titles in population

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