Required field.

LC code for the cataloguing agency. Subfield $a contains the LC code for the cataloguing agency.
Subfield $b contains the 3-letter code for the language of the cataloguing agency (eng).

Tags 039 and 040 contain the appropriate codes for the cataloguing agency.

They do not refer to an agency's holdings data or other local information.

Therefore, if an agency removes its holdings data (tags 099, item record) from a cataloguing record that it created, its status as cataloguing agency for the record is not affected. For instance, if UNOG Library removes its holdings data from a record created by UNOG Library staff, the cataloguing source in 039 and 040 remain UNOG codes.

If an incomplete ("pre-indexing" or "check-in only") record created by one agency is completed by another agency, in that case the agency that completes the record becomes the cataloguing agency.


040 $aNNUN $b eng [Dag Hammarskjöld Library]

040 $aSzGeBNU $b eng [UNOG Library]

040 $aTH-BaUNE $b eng [ESCAP Library]

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