Executive Chairman

Under the terms of Security Council resolution 1284, the UN Secretary-General was asked to appoint an Executive Chairman for UNMOVIC, after consultation with and subject to the approval of the Security Council.  On 26 January 2000, the UN Secretary-General wrote to the President of the Security Council, recommending that Dr. Hans Blix of Sweden be appointed Executive Chairman to UNMOVIC.

On 27 January 2000, the President of the Security Council wrote to the Secretary-General, informing him that the Security Council had approved the appointment of Dr. Blix and asked that he take up his mandated tasks as soon as possible.  Dr. Blix took up his duties on 1 March 2000.

Executive Chairman’s biography

Executive Chairman's photograph


Lectures of the Executive Chairman to the UNMOVIC training courses:

Paris training course, 7 November 2000

Vienna training course, 19 February 2001

Ottawa training course, 28 June 2001

Geneva training course, 18 February 2002

Vienna training course, 7 October 2002