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23 May 2003



The Security Council adopted resolution 1483 (2003) on 22 May 2003. A more detailed notice concerning the practical aspects of its implementation, will be published via this website shortly.  In the interim, suppliers should not make arrangements to ship goods to Iraq, unless specifically instructed to do so by the United Nations or one of its agencies or programmes.   


In paragraph 16 of its resolution 1483 (2003), the Security Council requests that the Secretary-General, inter alia, in coordination with the Authority, “continue the exercise of his responsibilities under Security Council resolution 1472 (2003) of 28 March 2003 and 1476 (2003) of 24 April 2003, for a period of six months following the adoption of this resolution, and terminate within this time period, in the most cost effective manner, the ongoing operations of the “Oil-for-Food” Programme (the “Programme”), both at headquarters level and in the field, transferring responsibility for the administration of any remaining activity under the Programme to the Authority, including by taking the following necessary measures:


 (a)                                          to facilitate as soon as possible the shipment and authenticated delivery of priority civilian goods as identified by the Secretary-General and representatives designated by him, in coordination with the Authority and the Iraqi interim administration, under approved and funded contracts previously concluded by the previous Government of Iraq, for the humanitarian relief of the people of Iraq, including, as necessary, negotiating adjustments in the terms or conditions of these contracts and respective letters of credit as set forth in paragraph 4 (d) of resolution 1472 (2003);


(b)                                           to review, in light of changed circumstances, in coordination with the Authority and the Iraqi interim administration, the relative utility of each approved and funded contract with a view to determining whether such contracts contain items required to meet the needs of the people of Iraq both now and during reconstruction, and to postpone action on those contracts determined to be of questionable utility and the respective letters of credit until an internationally recognized, representative government of Iraq is in a position to make its own determination as to whether such contracts shall be fulfilled.”


In accordance with the foregoing provisions, the Office of the Iraq Programme, with immediate effect, will cease to accept new applications from permanent missions to export goods to Iraq pursuant to Security Council resolution 986 (1995). In addition, OIP will no longer accept requests for extension, correction and amendment, nor additional information, presented in connection with contracts concluded under resolution 986 (1995) which have not been approved. 


There is no longer a requirement to submit applications for the export of goods contracted outside the Oil for Food Programme (traditional 661 applications).  Such goods may be exported to Iraq without notification or approval of the United Nations, provided the export licensing arrangements required by individual member states have been complied with.

The Office of the Iraq Programme regrets that it is not in a position to accept any direct queries from suppliers at this stage. All queries related to implementation of resolution 1472 (2003) should be directed through the relevant permanent mission. The suppliers and permanent missions are also advised to periodically check the Office of the Iraq Programme web-site www.un.org/Depts/oip for further updates.



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