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Further processing of non-GRL item(s)

Paragraph 9 of the procedures adopted by the Security Council resolution 1409 (2002) reads:

“… OIP will immediately inform appropriate United Nations agents of the finding of a GRL item(s) in the application and that the GRL item(s) may not be sold or supplied to Iraq unless otherwise notified by OIP that the procedures set forth in paragraphs 11 or 12 have resulted in approval for sale or supply of the GRL item(s) to Iraq. The remaining items in the application, which are determined as not covered by the GRL, will be considered approved for sale or supply to Iraq and, at the discretion of the submitting Mission or United Nations agency, and with the consent of the contracting parties, will be processed according to the procedure in paragraph 10 below. The relevant approval letter may be issued for such approved items under request from the submitting Mission or United Nations agency.”

The above paragraph provides suppliers with the, previously unavailable,  option of having an Approval Letter issued for part of the goods specified in the application/contract and approved by OIP as non-GRL items, while the remaining items, found by UN experts to be included in the Goods Review List (GRL), are further processed.

The supplier will be notified of this option through a GRL Notice which will also identify GRL item(s) that require further processing. Since the decision by the supplier and the buyer to have an Approval Letter issued for non-GRL items may have an impact upon ancillary expenses stipulated in the original contract, such as services, transportation and insurance, the parties will be requested to sign the standard “Agreement to Proceed with Export of NON-GRL Items” and specify the appropriate reduction of the original contract value.  

No Approval Letter will be issued without such an agreement,  signed by both parties to the contract. The Approval Letter will be issued subject to availability of funds. The letter will contain all goods listed in the application. However,  GRL item(s) still being processed will be marked “Not Approved” while other items will be marked as appropriate (“OIP Approved”).  

Please note that this option is not available for applications containing 687 item(s). Unless 687 item(s) are either deleted or re-assessed as non-GRL items in re-consideration process, the ENTIRE APPLICATION shall be returned to supplier irrespective of the status of other items, if any.


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